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Acer Launches The Chromebox CXI3 For $300
Acer had teased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 back in January that it’s going to release a new Chrome OS-powered desktop later this year and the company has now following through. It has confirmed the pricing and release details for the Chromebox CXI3. The entry-level model of this device costs $297.99 and it’s now available for pre-order.

Lenovo Introduces New ThinkCentre Chromebox
Lenovo peers into the future of childrens’ education with the introduction of their new ThinkCentre Chromebox, which has been specially designed for the education sector as well as small business users. Basically, the ThinkCentre Chromebox will help you save plenty of physical space, where this one liter desktop happens to be versatile enough to be placed anywhere, is easy to manage, and will sport an entire ecosystem of useful, optional […]

Dell Unveils Chromebox For Meetings, Priced At $999
Earlier this year, Google launched Chromebox for Meetings which basically allowed users to arrange virtual meetings with one another. While we suppose it could be used in a more social and family setting, it was designed for businesses in mind where people could hold virtual meetings regardless of whether it had been scheduled in Google Calendar or if it was completely spontaneous.If you thought that Chromebox for Meetings was a […]

Acer Announces Its Chromebox
After launching the C7 Series Chromebook Acer reiterates its commitment to Google’s web based OS with a new product that it has announced today. The company announced the Acer Chromebox CXI series for customers in North America. Acer says this product is geared towards budget concious users, small to medium businesses and the education sector.


HP Chromebox On Sale For $179
HP is a name that is familiar to all of us when it comes to desktop computers as well as notebooks, and this time around, the company’s maiden attempt at a desktop computer which will be powered by Google’s Chrome OS is now up for sale for $179 a pop. Known as the HP Chromebox, this is a diminutive desktop that will run on an Intel Haswell processor, sports 2GB […]

HP Chromebox Packs Quite A Punch
We have seen other companies roll out a Chromebox from their respective stables, and here we are with computer manufacturer HP doing the same as well. The HP Chromebox might be small in stature, but it is big on performance, being a tiny desktop computer which has been specially designed in order to run Google’s Chrome operating system. HP has plans for not solely one, but a couple of such […]

ASUS Chromebox Sports Core i3 Haswell Within
ASUS began to sell their very first Chrome OS desktop computers earlier this March, where they launched the ASUS Chromebox M005U which retailed for $179 apiece. This particularly small desktop machine can be carried around on a single hand, but then again, that kind of compromise led to a lack of processing power, especially when you take into consideration how it runs on an Intel Celeron 2955U Haswell processor, has […]

ASUS Chromebox Just launched
Google’s Chrome OS has typically arrived in laptops known as Chromebooks, but it looks like ASUS will be going a different route with the announcement of their Chromebox. The device will be powered by Chrome OS, but the main different is that it does not come with a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. In fact one could almost liken the Chromebox to a small form factor PC. Just like Chromebooks, the […]