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Chumby Is Back From The Dead With A Thousand Plus Apps
Do you still remember the highly hackable Chumby range of products? Some interesting projects that involve Chumby in the past include running a game of Quake on it, as well as hooking up an external VGA display. Having said that, for those who still have no idea what a Chumby is, it is an Internet-connected touchscreen display that can double up as a smart alarm clock, internet radio, and weather […]

Chumby and LG team up to deliver expanded ecosystem
It must be said that a device like Chumby has failed to capture the imagination of 300 million Americans, let alone folks living outside of the country, but I suppose it still sells more than its fair share of units to be fit to continue being produced from a factory somewhere in the East. Well, Chumby’s app ecosystem has just ventured onto a different platform last week, courtesy of a […]

Chumby NeTV hits the FCC
To see a particular device arrive on the FCC is always a good thing – this means that said device is more or less ready to be unleashed to the masses, and is only a matter of time. Of course, there are some rare moments when an FCC-approved device fails to materialize on store shelves for reasons known only to the manufacturer/distributor, but I suppose that will not be the […]

Chumby8 digital photo frame announced
Chumby has just announced the release of their next generation Chumby digital photo frame, the Chumby8. What sets the Chumby8 apart from other digital photo frames is that instead of only serving up photographs, the Chumby8 also has the ability to connect to the internet (through WiFi), run apps, as well as play music. Over 1,500 free apps have been made available for the Chumby8, letting users personalize the photo […]


Sungale Cyberus ID801WT Looks Like A Chumby Competitor
The folks over at Sungale probably think that they have a competitor for the Chumby in the form of its ID801WT which uses the Cyberus Smart Info Engine. It may not look as cute as a Chumby, but it does offer a pretty decent set of features such as built-in Wi-Fi, the ability to check the stock and weather, connect to your online Picasa album, music and video playback, amongst […]