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Color: the new social network that works by proximity
If you’re thinking to yourself: do we need another social network? Probably not. Do we need another photo-sharing service? Not really. Do you need a photo-sharing, social network? Well, the folks at Color seem to think so. Introducing Color: a free, proximity-based social networking photo-sharing app. Available on the iPhone and Android phones, Color doesn’t work like any other social network/photo-sharing app available, which helps it stand out from the […]

Night vision camera that shoots in color
The Nanosystem Research Division of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan), recently showed off a new camera that is capable of taking color photos in the dark. It makes use of highly sensitive infrared technology that allows it to capture real-time color video in darkness. Using advanced algorithms to analyze reflected wavelengths from objects of different colors, the camera is able to fill the images with […]

Notion Ink Asks For User Feedback On Color Choices For Its Tablet
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is much publicized for its use of a Pixel Qi low-power, outdoor-readable display, though the device has been taking its own sweet time in order to arrive. With all the fuss about customization going around nowadays, it’s obvious that color options are important to devices and Notion Ink has confirmed that the tablet will be available in a few different color designs, and it’s currently seeking […]

Cyborg hears colors thanks to implant
28-year-old Neil Harbisson can be said to be a cyborg since he suffers from achromatopsia, a condition that lets him see only in black and white. What makes a difference in his life, however, would be the head mounted camera which is capable of converting color into soundwaves – essentially allowing him to “hear” colors. This is more or less some form of synesthesia, where one of the forms will […]