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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc users complain of cracks issue
Do you happen to own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc? We’re interested to find out whether your handset has experienced a cracking issue, where it normally manifests itself in the form of hairline fractures that tend to appear in the same place – which is located in close proximity to the light sensor on the front of the handset. This does not seem to be a localized issue, as it […]

Researchers manage to hack mobile data communications
Researchers are rather stoked to show off their skills and technical know-how in breaking the encryption which was actually put in place to protect information sent over the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). GPRS is the standard which is commonly used to send data to and from mobile devices, as well as from other devices including smart meters. The potential fallout from such a breach makes it possible to listen […]

PlayStation 3 3.56 cracked and jailbroken!
Infamous Wii hacker Youness Alaoui (aka KaKaRoToKS) took all of a day to crack and jailbreak the PlayStation 3 3.56 update, which means the 3.56 signing keys are already out, so it shouldn’t come across as a surprise to anyone if they receive an updated custom firmware in a day or so which spoofs 3.56 and re-enables PSN access. We do know that system software 3.56 is a “minor update […]

Mac App Store apps cracked already?
Apple’s Mac App Store has only gone live for a few hours and folks out there have discovered how to get apps off it without paying. The trick involves downloading a free app, such as Twitter, from the Mac App Store and copying certain files for it that will be copied into the applications folder of a non-purchased downloaded app, tricking the app into thinking that you’ve purchased it. It’s […]


Cracked Version Of Max Payne Distributed Through Steam
The folks over at Rockstar probably aren’t too happy about this, but it seems that a cracked version of Max Payne 2 was distributed through Steam for a short period of time. While we do know that Rockstar was thinking of removing the DRM from this game, it’s still unclear whether the reason the crack was distributed was due to laziness to fix the code, or if it’s some developer’s […]

Hacker Gets OtherOS Feature Back On The PS3 After 3.21 Firmware Update
Sony has only released the PS3 3.21 firmware update a few days ago, and Geohot (the popular hacker) has already managed to hack the firmware, reinstating the removed “OtherOS” feature, which allows you to install another OS (duh). The hack can be done without having to crack open your PS3, and all you have to do is restore a custom generated PUP file. There is even a slim possibility that […]

Verayo Touts Unclonable RFID Chips
When a security company comes out and announces that its next-generation RFID ICs are unclonable, you can be sure that the company will attract a lot of attention, though the question is whether the attention is the desired type (potential customers), or the undesired type (folks who want to crack such security measures). The first chip of the new product family, boasting the company’s Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology, will […]

3G Network Encryption Cracked
After the GSM encryption was cracked just a few short weeks ago, it seems that 3G encryption has also been cracked. To make matters worse, the attack only takes a few hours on your typical computer. With this method, you can crack 3G’s KASUMI system, which is based on a simplified type of Fiestel encryption called MISTY. MISTY uses multiple keys and a recursive, multi-round encryption process. The KASUMI algorithm […]

H4rdw4re to crack GSM encryption
Security firm H4RDW4RE from California aims to crack the A5/1 encryption standard that is used to secure GSM traffic from eavesdropping. As it stands right now, the A5/1 cipher is based on a 64-bit key, which means each handset comes with a 64-bit secret key that is known by the connected GSM network. Each call initiated over the GSM network will rely on the secret key to generate a session […]