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Batch Convert MKV to MP4 4K Big Files with VideoProc/FFmpeg
Both MKV and MP4 are popular file formats. The difference is the former handles more types of data whereas the latter is more widely accepted. So an educated guess as to why you want MP4 over MKV is that something is wrong with your MKV video loading when playing or editing. Re-encoding to reduce file size is yet another possibility.

Creative Alleges Patent Infringement, Wants To Ban All Android Phones
Creative is a company that some of you guys might not have heard from in recent years. For those unfamiliar, Creative is a company known for their SoundBlaster lineup of speakers, headphones, and sound cards, and recently it looks like the company is trying to ban as many Android phones as possible from being sold in the US.

Creative's Sound Blaster X7 Will Be Arriving This December
When it comes to gaming rigs, gamers tend to focus on the graphics component and tend to go for the best GPU that they can afford. Sound quality is usually an afterthought, or in the case of some gamers, not even considered at all as they are perfectly happy with their motherboard’s onboard sound card and their headphones.However if you consider yourself to be a gamer and an audiophile, then […]

Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 USB Sound Card Announced
Back when I was a wee lad, installing a sound card onto your MS-DOS-powered computer would require you to pull out the toolbox, take a screwdriver, and start to tinker around with the motherboard as you slot in a dedicated sound card into an available ISA slot, followed by having various games configure the sound card afterwards. Over time, the humble sound card has been miniaturized and embedded on most […]


Creative Sound Blaster Roar Announced
Another day, here we are with another speaker for your consideration. This time around, it would be Creative who is offering the Sound Blaster Roar. Sound Blaster made its name when it comes to soundcards in the early days of computing, which delivered a new level of realism and immersion for PC games compared to the usual “beeps” and “boops” from the standard PC speaker. Well, Creative has certainly come […]

Creative Senz3D Camera Lets You Enjoy 3D Gesture Controls
The Creative Senz3D is yet another foray into gesture controlled commands on a computer.

Creative Dxm Signature Series Wireless Speakers
The folks over at Creative have lived up to their name yet again, where the latest modular wireless speaker systems that rolled off their production lines come in the form of the Creative Dxm Signature Series, where these are led by the flagship Creative D5xm, and will be accompanied by the Creative D3xm and the Creative DSxm subwoofer. The Creative Dxm Signature Series holds the distinction of being the first […]

Creative Airwave And Airwave HD Bluetooth Speakers
Creative of Singapore has a couple of new geometric Bluetooth-enabled speakers that come in colorful formats, making you wonder whether these are an automatic shoo-in to partner with the equally colorful Nokia Lumia smartphones that run on the Windows Phone 8 operating system platform. Perhaps Creative wants to take a stab at the market that Jawbone’s Jambox has established, by offering both the Airwave and Airwave HD.These two devices will […]

Creative T3150 Bluetooth Speakers
Creative has just announced their latest addition to the market, which would be the T3150 Bluetooth speakers that carry an extremely portable design despite maintaining a traditional look. The Creative T3150 Bluetooth speaker can be best described to be an entry-level, 2.1-channel PC speaker whenever you cast your eyes on it, where it also packs stereo Bluetooth audio connectivity that enables it to handle mobile devices without batting an eyelid. […]

Creative unveils Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage gaming headset with LED illuminated ear cups
If you’re in the market for a set of headphones designed specifically for gaming, then you might be interested to know that Creative Technology has revealed its latest gaming headset, the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage. Unveiled at the German GamesCom expo, this gaming headset is expected to play nice with both PC and Mac computers. It will be available in a wired version and a wireless version and will be […]

Creative HanZpad 10-inch dual-core tablet hits FCC
The HanZpad dual-core tablet, developed by Creative, was first introduced in February this year. Based on the Singapore-based company’s previous press release, we learned that the device will sport a quad-core ARM 1.5 GHz processor and ZiiLABS’ ZMS-40 SoC. Today, however, we just learned the tablet has just landed at the FCC, hinting a possible upcoming release. Creative previously mentioned that the ZMS-40 SoC will be able to support high-resolution […]

Creative Launches BlasterAxx Bluetooth Speakers with Touch Control
Sound connoisseurs Creative has just launched its new range of speakers that have been labeled the Creative BlasterAxx range which sounds just spiffy. Reportedly, it can be powered by a USB 2.0 connection and controlled by an application called Creative Central which works on either iOS or Android devices. However, it can also be controlled via a computer if you don’t have one of those. The BlasterAxx range of speakers […]

Creative unveils HanZpad GS Android 4.0 tablet reference design
If you were to shop for a tablet in China, there is a good chance that you might come across a tablet looking like the one above. That reference design is courtesy of Creative who debuted their HanZpad platform which is based on ZiiLABS’ 100-core ZMS-40 SoC along with a operating system of its own, also developed by ZiiLABS.

Creative unveils HN-900, Aurvana X-Fi 2 noise-canceling headphones
Are you in the market for a pair of noise-canceling headphones? Well if you’d rather not drop the money on the higher end Bose Quiet Comfort series of noise-canceling headphones, Creative might have something in store for you in the form of the HN-900 and its slightly higher-end cousin, the Aurvana X-Fi 2.