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Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Hit By Cyberattack During Opening Ceremony
It was reported yesterday that the organizers of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018 were looking into a possible cyberattack that was executed during the opening ceremony on Friday. The organizers have now confirmed that the Games did fall victim to a cyberattack during the opening ceremony but they’ve not pointed a finger at any individual or nation-state just yet so it’s unclear how might have been behind this attack.

Malware At Hyatt, Starwood, And Marriott Hotels Exposes Card Data Of Customers
If you have stayed at any of the 20 hotels in the United States that operator HEI Hotels and Resorts today confirmed were compromised by malware then you might want to keep an eye on your credit or debit card activity. The hotel operator has confirmed that 20 locations across the country have suffered a major data breach which has exposed card details of countless customers.

You Can Search Data Leaked In Sony Pictures Hack On WikiLeaks
Late last year Sony Pictures Entertainment was hit with a devastating cyberattack. A group calling itself Guardians of Peace leaked data stolen from the company’s servers, this included emails from top executives, Hollywood hotshots and even personal and private information of the company’s current and former employees. You can now search through that leaked data on WikiLeaks.

PlayStation Network Is Back Online
It was on Christmas Eve when we first reported that online gaming networks of both Sony and Microsoft were under attack. At the time PSN and Xbox Live were restored after a couple of hours but who knew that the attackers won’t sit still over Christmas.Both services were knocked down on Christmas inconveniencing a lot of people who would have wanted to get some good gaming sessions in, it would […]


North Korean Footprints Reportedly Discovered In Sony Pictures Hack
When employees walked into Sony Pictures last week they were greeted with the image posted above on their computer screens. The company had been hit by a major cyberattack in which not only were unreleased movies stolen, but top secret documents were believed to have been compromised as well. While there were reports that the hackers might have received help from inside, a possible link with North Korea was also […]

Sony Pictures Investigating Hack's Connection With North Korea
We reported last week that Sony Pictures had been hit with a massive cyberattack which left its computer systems compromised and might even have resulted in some data being stolen. The hackers had posted their demands as well one of which was “equality,” which implied that perhaps there was inside help involved. Sony Pictures is now reportedly investigating possible links of that attack with North Korea.