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Reading Your Favorite Content On Tablets
Those who have not tried a tablet may wonder how the web reading experience is, when compared to their computer. Usually, tablet browsers are slightly different than the ones available on PCs or Mac. Also, on tablets, the default mobile browser is usually more limited in terms of speed and plug-ins. However, it gives access to websites' full desktop versions.

E FUN Android Next3 E-Reader Tablet Offers Nook Color Some Competition
It looks like Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color won’t be the only color Android e-reader tablet in town as E FUN has teamed up with Borders E-Books for a digital storefront to connect with over the Next3’s built-in WiFi connection. The 8.4-inch tablet is slightly larger than the 7-inch Nook Color, and features a touchscreen, like the Nook Color, along with hardware buttons for page turns. The Next3 is available […]

PocketBook IQ and 602 Android-Powered Low Cost Tablets Now Shipping for U.S.
It looks like the PocketBook IQ and the 602 e-readers, both powered by Google’s Android operating system, will be hitting the U.S. market. The IQ sports a 7-inch LCD screen and will be priced at $150 while the 602 features an E Ink display for $170. The PocketBook IQ will essentially be in the same market–featuring an LCD color touchscreen and Android–as the nook color from Barnes & Noble. The […]

Kindle 3.0.2 Beta Firmware Now Available for Download
If you own an Amazon Kindle e-reader hardware, you may want to grab the Kindle 3.0.2 beta firmware, which is now available for download from Amazon. The firmware brings a Web browser along with some bug fixes that were found since the last 3.0.1 update, including slower page turns while outdoors. Several owners who have updated their firmware have reported that page turns are faster outdoors with the new 3.0.2 […]


New Kindle Ad Takes Jab at iPad
Amazon’s recent Kindle ad highlights the benefits of reading with e-ink technology under direct sunlight while taking aim at Apple’s iPad, which functions as both an electronic book reader and a multi-function device offering games, browsing, music listening, and entertainment capabilities. Though Amazon has been careful to give Kindle a singular focus on reading, the new ad does show that Amazon is recognizing that the Kindle and iPad may be […]

Sony Justifies Higher Price E-Readers With More Features
Sony is taking the opposite route of its big rivals Amazon and Barnes & Noble with its own branded E-Reader electronic-ink based digital book reading devices. Unlike Amazon, which has introduced lower prices for the latest Kindle, and Barnes & Noble, which has engaged in a price war with its nook to remain competitive against the Kindle, Sony is taking quite the opposite approach. Rather than reducing prices, Sony is […]

Sony PSP gets Digital Reader
Sony has announced that their PSP will be able to take advantage of a new digital reader service that will be rolled out with Digital Comics later this December in selected countries, including the US, certain part sof Europe and other PAL territories to follow in 2010. Guess you no longer need to head out to comic stores to purchase your favorite superhero title, assuming you’re OK with digital formats […]