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Google Brings Commenting To Its Mobile Office Suite
Google’s mobile office suite is great for viewing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. Creating and editing, we reckon there’s still some work to be done, but overall it’s pretty good if you’re just after some simple stuff. However if there is one feature that is missing, it would be the ability to leave comments.

Google improves accessibility for Docs, Sites and Calendar
Google has just announced in its blog that it has enhanced some of its online services to become more accessible to members of the blind community. Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Calendar now have improved support for screen readers (JAWS, ChromeVox and VoiceOver (Calendar only)). Users can now use screen readers to help them read, browse, edit and create documents and events. In addition to improving support for screen […]

Google Docs offline coming this summer
It looks like Google is ready to dip its toes into being a direct competitor with Microsoft and all the other office productivity suites available on the market. It’s been previously rumored that Google will be making Google Docs work offline. Its previous “offline modes” its previous methods have been pretty unreliable, and since Google got rid of Google Gears support, the feature has been taken away.Well on a recent […]

Google Documents discussions gains some improvements
Google introduced the discussions feature to Google Docs not too long ago, and recently they’ve managed to update it with some new features to make it even more useful. The discussion pane has now been improved, which makes it easier to figure out which part of the document users are talking about. It’s also been given a visual tune up to look nicer.Users can now access document statistics to see […]


Google Docs now has Pagination
If you’ve been using Google Docs instead of your regular word processor for awhile, you might not realize that Google Docs currently doesn’t separate your documents into pages – everything you type is in one long continuous white box. Well the folks over at Google have decided to change the way things are and have included Pagination in Google Docs. This feature introduces pages into the document – and since […]

New commenting feature for Google Docs
Google has just announced a brand new feature for their online document editing software, Google Docs. Users viewing or editing the same document can now chat with each other in real-time using the comments feature. The comments appear on the sidebar like tweets, with profile pictures, timestamps and users can even use “@” to direct their comments at other users. If users are too busy to open up the document […]

Google Docs updated
Google’s internet office suite, Google Docs will be receiving some new updates that increase its functionality. Announced today, and rolling out over the next few days, the update will refresh the documents list – Google has added new filters that allow you to look for documents much more easily, as well as an option called Priority Sorting. Working similar to the Priority Inbox in Gmail, Priority Sorting automatically sorts your […]