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BlackBerry Says The DTEK60 Rivals Google Pixel XL And iPhone 7 Plus
BlackBerry may not be making its own smartphones anymore but the company is sticking around in the handset market by teaming up with third-party manufacturers. It recently launched a new high-end handset called the DTEK60, and while many might take the company’s claim with a grain of salt, BlackBerry says the DTEK60 is capable of going head to head against the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7.

BlackBerry Says DTEK60 Is 'Absolutely Not' Its Last Handset
BlackBerry already confirmed a couple of months ago that it’s no longer going to develop its own smartphones, it’s going to work with third-party manufacturers to create handsets. We’ve already seen the fruits of such a collaboration, the mid-range DTEK50 and the high-end DTEK60 that was just announced today. The company has reiterated that it’s not going to stop putting out handsets completely.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Finally Announced Today
We’ve seen a handful of leaks over the past few weeks that BlackBerry is putting the final touches on a new smartphone. The company released a new mid-range handset called the DTEK50 not too long ago, it’s following that up with a high-end model called the DTEK60. BlackBerry has officially launched the DTEK60 today, those who are interested in buying one can do so from the company’s website unlocked and […]

BlackBerry's Next Smartphone Will Surely Be Expensive
BlackBerry recently announced that it’s bowing out of the smartphone game, but not completely. The company will not be making its own devices now rather it will team up with third-party manufacturers. We’ve already seen this happen with the mid-range Android-powered DTEK50 and soon the company will announce the DTEK60. A recent retailer listing reveals that the upcoming BlackBerry handset might cost over $650.BlackBerry hasn’t officially announced the DTEK60 but […]


BlackBerry Reveals Specs Of Its Next Handset
BlackBerry recently confirmed that it’s no longer going to make its own handsets but the company is not completely bowing out of the handset market. It’s going to outsource production to third-party manufacturers and launch the handsets under its brand. The BlackBerry DTEK50 is the result of one such collaboration and the DTEK60 is going to be the second. BlackBerry has now listed the specs of this unannounced handset on […]

BlackBerry DTEK60 Possibly Revealed
You might be reading rumors these days which suggest that BlackBerry may soon shut down its handset division. On the contrary, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the company is gearing up to launch the DTEK60, a new handset we’ve previously known by its codename “Argon.” This handset has already received the relevant certifications and now it may have been revealed in a leaked render.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Gains FCC Certification
We recently saw speculation about the future of BlackBerry’s handset business which continues to lose money but it appears that the company is not giving up on hardware just yet. There have been whispers of a new handset in the pipeline codenamed Argon and now that device has picked up its FCC certification. The official moniker mentioned in the FCC filings is DTEK60. BlackBerry released the mid-range DTEK50 a couple […]