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HTC One (M8) Dual SIM Announced
The HTC One (M8) is a high end smartphone not to be trifled with, and hence, it is with great gladness that we bring you word of this particular smartphone arriving in a Dual SIM variant, thanks to a German-issued press release. Apparently, those who are interested in picking up the HTC One (M8) Dual SIM will be able to do so if you happen to reside in Germany, Austria […]

Dual SIM HTC One Reportedly Coming To Russia
The dual SIM HTC One is reportedly going to be released soon in Russia for approximately $960. It is not known if this variant will be released in other European markets.

iPhone 4S Dual Sim Card Case By thumbsUp!
The ability to tool two SIMs in a single smartphone is very enticing. If you are an iPhone 4S user and have two SIMs to use, it can be quite a hassle to interchange between them. Normally, it requires taking out the SIM and inserting the other SIM in its place.A number of smartphones offer dual-SIM functionality. However, none of the iPhone devices have been on that list. While Apple […]

Galaxy Y DUOS and Galaxy Y Pro DUOS announced
Last week the image of the Galaxy Y Pro DUOS was leaked online and today, Samsung has officially announced the devices. Just like the phones’ names suggest: they will both feature the dual SIM capability. Though the Android devices are designed for young professionals they pack pretty modest specs that don’t stand a chance against high-end devices like the Galaxy Nexus or DROID RAZR. But for folks who just need […]


RenBen tablet from China features dual-SIM capabilities
If there’s one thing you’ve got to love about all these obscure tech companies in China is that they don’t play according to the rules. The results are devices that are rather innovative in design, although we’re not sure how marketable they are, and one such device is a tablet by a Shenzhen based company, RenBen.

LG Optimus Net looks to be an affordable dual-SIM Android smartphone
Juggling personal and business mobile phone accounts can be quite tiring and troublesome, especially if you have to carry around with you more than one device. LG’s Optimus Net appears to solve that problem for you in the form of a budget-friendly Android smartphone with dual-SIM card capabilities, allowing you to swap between mobile phone accounts and carriers at whim.

Alcatel One Touch 918 is a low-end Android device
For those shopping with tight purse strings, the good news is that Alcatel has announced the Alcatel One Touch 918 Android smartphone. The device has recently cleared the Bluetooth SIG and has even appeared on Alcatel’s website which seems to suggest that a launch is close at hand.

Vooma Peel PG92 brings dual-SIM capabilities to your iPhone
Are you looking to add dual-SIM capabilities to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? Well now you can, thanks to Vooma’s Peel PG92 case, which while isn’t the first dual-SIM case for the iPhone in the market, it certainly is one of the more nicely designed ones as you can see in the photo above.

Huawei Deuce dual SIM Android smartphone lands in Australia
For those living in Australia and who carry more than one SIM card, they are in for a treat as Huawei has launched “The Deuce”, which they claim is the first Android smartphone to feature dual SIM capabilities, although based on its specs that’s pretty much all the phone is able to boast about itself.

Dual-SIM cover for the iPhone 4
How would you like to have two phone numbers associated with your iPhone 4? Well you could get an iPhone 4 clone from the streets of China (which unfortunately means you won’t be running on iOS) or you could get this new dual-SIM cover by Vaveliero. This neat little case plugs into your iPhone 4’s microSIM tray with an external dual-SIM adapter which you can add two SIM cards to.But […]

Samsung Ch@t 322 dual SIM phone hits the market
I’ve always wondered why would people settle for dual SIM phones when carrying around a couple of handsets is more empowering. After all, you won’t lose all your contacts if one of the two handsets get lost or stolen, while you can have separate folders for different messages and files on a separate device. Still, those who don’t mind mixing everything up in a single handset can now look forward […]

Samsung E2152 does dual SIM as part of Guru series
Samsung wants to school the rest of the competition where dual SIM cellphones are concerned in the form of their E2152 Guru series handset. As with most other dual SIM phones, this one will be a low-end model that will most probably make its way to emerging markets worldwide. You can expect a pretty simple user interface to go along with it, coupled with a 2-inch 128×160 pixels display, VGA […]

Lenovo P90W Dual-SIM Cell Phone
It’s not often you see a cell phone with this kind of form factor, but the Lenovo P90W sports an interesting hinge design that allows it to be flipped open in either portrait or landscape mode. It’s also a dual-SIM Phone, so you’ll be able to cram in two SIM cards from different (or the same) operator when needed. Pricing wasn’t mentioned, but specifications of the P90W include:

Q8 Dual SIM watch phone
Having two SIM cards on a single phone is a sign of someone who has either too much money to spend, or they want to have the convenience of having separate numbers for personal and social use without carrying a couple of handsets wherever they go. That’s fine and dandy, but what happens when you carry that idea onto a watch phone? That’s the case with the $130 Q8 watch […]