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Mitsubishi's New Car Navigation System Lets You Record Or Watch Shows While Driving
GPS navigation systems for cars start starting to become more and more popular, whether you decide to go with the actual hardware or go with an app such as TomTom, the fact of the matter is that GPS is starting to become more accessible. So much so that Mitsubishi Electric has decided to add a few new features in their new car navigation system, the NR-MZ50.

NES Console Turned Into A DVD Player
Can’t decide what to do with your old NES gaming console? Well, if you have some time this weekend and don’t mind tinkering around, perhaps you’d want to turn it into a DVD player, complete with a DVD-tray popping out from the front. The remote control has also been crammed into the NES controller shell, keeping the authentic look of this console. Instructions of this mod have been posted online, […]

Twinbird Zabady VD-J715B Waterproof Portable DVD Player
While watching a movie underwater probably isn’t the first thing on everybody’s mind, it’s nice to know that some of the gadgets we have won’t die if we accidentally drop them into the swimming pool. Such a device is the Zabady VD-J715B from Twinbird. This waterproof portable DVD player comes equipped with a 1Seg TV tuner, 7-inch widescreen 480 x 234 pixel LCD display, SD card slot (that supports up […]

Toshiba portable DVD player
DVDs might be in their twilight years at the moment with Blu-ray being in the ascension, but that doesn’t mean they are less popular. For those who want to make this their ultimate portable DVD player purchase, Toshiba has just the thing with this sleek looking device which has a handle right above the 12″ LED backlight LCD display at 1,366 x 768 resolution (which is a pity since it […]


Walmart: 1.5M Durabrand DVD player recalled
Walmart has issued a recall for their $30 Durabrand DVD player as this device is touted to be a high-risk product that can overheat and basically burn the house down under selected circumstances. Currently, there are a dozen cases of the Durabrand DVD player overheating, where five of those actually caught fire and damaged some property. This recall will see 1.5 million DVD players affected, where they were sold at […]

Louis Vuitton Vacation Trunk
This one-of-a-kind creation that was commissioned to Louis Vuitton by some nouveau rich Chinese dude is the complete vacation package – not only does it come coated in Taiga leather, LV’s standard brass fittings and red interior finish, you also get a couple of solar panels within to power a flatscreen TV, a DVD player (what, no Blu-ray?), a two-way radio and a coffee maker. Guess we won’t mind getting […]