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ExoPC's EXOdesk expected to debut at CES 2012
There seems to be quite a few of these table-tablets popping up as of late. It wasn’t too long ago that we covered both the NEC 52” X-info table tablet and the Samsung SUR40 which runs on the Microsoft Surface. Now we have another tabletop computer by ExoPC who posted a teaser of the EXOdesk “interactive desk” which they will be debuting at CES 2012.

SKYTEX and EXOPC to introduce touch-friendly Windows 7 tablets
While Windows 7 is a great operating system on desktop computers, porting it over to the tablet didn’t exactly translate to a great user experience. Buttons and menus that were easy to click with a mouse cursor were sometimes a pain to use with fingers on a touchscreen. Most Windows apps aren’t designed with tablet users in mind, and the lack of functions such as hotkeys meant the use of […]

ExoPC tweaked to run Android 2.2. Froyo
That didn’t take long did it? No sooner did we post that the ExoPC Windows-powered tablet was up for pre-order, we’ve come across a posting that someone out there has managed to get Google’s Android OS to boot on the 11.6-inch tablet. While the installation isn’t fully polished yet, important features such as the touchscreen input and Wi-Fi are already working and we’re hoping that detailed instructions on it will […]

ExoPC tablet up for pre-order on Microsoft store
You might have been waiting for the Windows-powered ExoPC tablet and now Microsoft’s online store is allowing you to pre-order the device for $699. Shipping should be starting early next week which hopefully means that it could arrive in time for Christmas. Of course, whether folks would rather purchase this over an iPad or Galaxy Tab is another issue entirely. Specifications of the ExoPC include:


ExoPC Tablet Launching Under Multiple Names Worldwide
We had reported about the ExoPC tablet running the Windows 7 desktop operating system before, and that the 11.6-inch slate would soon be shipping, and now we’re learning that the ExoPC tablet will get rebranded for different markets. In Portugal, European retailer Probitas will be marking the tablet as the Mobi One, costing the equivalent of U.S. $965. The tablet will also be coming to Canada as the Ciara Vibe, […]

ExoPC Slate Looks Vaguely Like The Apple iPad
It looks like the market certainly is getting flooded with tablet computers. Next up is the ExoPC Slate, which looks rather similar to Apple’s recently announced iPad. Since the ExoPC Slate is powered by Windows 7, you’ll be able to do more than a few things that the iPad can’t do, such as multitasking. This 8.9-inch multitouch tablet is priced at $599, which should put it on par with the […]