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Oppo K1 Is The Most Affordable In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Phone
Major manufacturers like Samsung may not have moved to display-based fingerprint sensors but some Chinese manufacturers won’t be waiting for them. We have already seen companies like Oppo bring this technology to market. Oppo has now released a new device which is perhaps the most affordable smartphone on the market with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Oppo K1 has been announced and it costs roughly $230.

Microsoft Surface Phone May Feature Unique Fingerprint Scanner
Rumors suggest that Microsoft is going to phase out the Lumia brand of smartphones and introduce its own Surface-branded phone. We have been hearing about this for a very long time now and while the company is yet to confirm the Surface Phone, a new patent has been discovered which suggests that the Surface Phone might have a unique fingerprint scanner.

How Fingerprint Sensors Work
Fingerprint scanners are fast becoming a standard feature, trickling from the high-end to lower-tier phones. Soon enough, they will be on most phones because they bring a convenient form of security that is much more convenient than a password (and long password!) and much more secure than a 4-digit PIN code. Let’s see how they work.

Police Unlock Murder Victim's Phone By 3D Printing His Fingerprint
Fingerprint scanners are touted as great features in smartphones as they add another layer of security but it has been demonstrated time and time again that fingerprint scanners are not foolproof. A new report reveals that police in Michigan approached faculty at the University of Michigan earlier this year to have them reproduce a murder victim’s fingerprint using 3D printing, which once made would enable them to use the false […]


Smartphones Could Feature Embedded Fingerprint Scanner In Display Soon
The South Korean biometric giant known as CrucialTek has managed to win a patent approval not too long ago concerning its embedded fingerprint sensing technology. This particular embedded fingerprint sensing technology will be able to be installed within an area on the display panel itself, and this translates to saving up more space, since there is no need to waste any precious space as the scanner or touch-based fingerprint reader […]