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Apple Patents Keyboard With Force Touch Technology
Apple didn’t just pull the Force Touch technology out of its hat for the new iPhones, it has actually been working on this technology for quite some time now. A patent filed by the company back in September 28th 2012 has now been granted, it’s titled “Ultra low travel keyboard,” essentially a keyboard that has Force Touch or 3D Touch technology.

Assembled iPhone 6s Display Leaks
It’s not uncommon to see parts and components believed to belong to a new Apple product leak online before the device itself is actually announced so this assembled iPhone 6s display isn’t going to surprise many people. This is the first time that a picture of a fully assembled purported iPhone 6s display has been leaked and it just might show what the rumored Force Touch implementation might look like from […]

ZTE Axon Mini First Force Touch Smartphone Revealed
It looks like the folks at ZTE have beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to rolling out a smartphone with Force Touch technology. While many people have assumed that the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would would be first off the blocks where Force Touch is concerned, ZTE might be the winner here, pouring cold water on Apple’s party by introducing the ZTE Axon Mini.

iPhone 6s Force Touch Display Reports Increase
A few months back it was rumored that perhaps the next iPhone from Apple is going to have a Force Touch display. Multiple reports have come in since then basically reiterating the same thing though some of them haven’t come in from usually reliable sources. Today a major publication is throwing its weight behind the assumption that the iPhone 6s Force Touch display is indeed coming with Apple’s next-generation smartphone.


Component Orders Hint At Force Touch For iPhone 6s
There have been many rumors suggesting that Force Touch could be a new feature arriving on the next-gen iPhone. The idea behind Force Touch is simple – basically users press down on the surface at varying degrees of force, and from there the device will know what you’re trying to do, such as performing a simple tap or trying to bring up an additional hidden menu.This feature debuted in the […]

Force Touch Was Initially An iPhone 6s Plus Exclusive
Based on the rumors of Apple’s next-gen iPhones, it seems that Force Touch will be one of the handsets’ new features. However if you might recall, a report from last month suggested that Force Touch could be an exclusive iPhone 6s Plus feature. For those who would rather have the smaller iPhone 6s, this did seem a tad disappointing.Well the good news is that according to a new rumor out […]

HTC Blinkfeed Ends Up As HTC Sense Home
Now here is something that you might want to check out, especially if you are a big fan of all things from the folks over at HTC. HTC has started to roll out a spanking new update to their Blinkfeed app, where it will get a rebranding to be known as HTC Sense Home, and at the same time, see new features thrown into the mix. This particular change would […]

Force Touch Will Reportedly Be Exclusive To iPhone 6s Plus
The rumor mill is already focused on the iPhones that Apple will release later this year. It is now believed that the Force Touch technology that Apple has incorporated in Apple Watch will be brought over to the company’s smartphones. A new report out of Taiwan suggests that if Apple ends up doing this, it will make Force Touch exclusive to the iPhone 6s Plus. That’s the moniker the rumor mill […]