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myTouch 3G Froyo 2.2 update works on the T-Mobile G1
Here’s a pop quiz – which is the first Android-powered smartphone to hit the market? Well, no prizes for folks who blurted out the T-Mobile G1. This grand-daddy of them all might not have an official Android 2.2 Froyo update, but that has not stopped more enterprising folks to port over the recently released myTouch 3G’s Android 2.2 Froyo update to the G1. To make matters more interesting, everything on […]

Android Smartphone Can Control Robots On Its Own
You’ve certainly seen mobile phones controlling various devices before, with television sets probably one of the more common devices, but what about the phone autonomously controlling its steed by itself? That’s what a duo of web engineers have done. Dubbed the Truckbot, this setup has a HTC G1 attached to the chassis, acting as a brain, controlling the chassis. Thanks to the phone’s built-in compass, it can navigate and turn […]

Android 2.0 on T-Mobile G1
While the Android operating system has reached version 2.0 of its lifespan, it is interesting to note that Eclair (as it is also known) can run on the original Android device, the famous T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream). The port is currently a rough one with no optimization run on it just yet, but it ought to do enough to keep people lusting after its release in the days ahead.

T-Mobile G1 v2 Made By Motorola? Ouch For HTC
 Another day, another wild rumor. According to BGR, T-Mobile has not renewed the contract with HTC for the upcoming G1 v2. They have heard the same information from two different sources. Everything is possible and with Android running the show, T-Mobile knows that the software and UI will be consistent, so they might just try to squeeze hardware vendors a bit more. We’ll keep an eye on this. That would […]


RIM More Popular Than Apple
Research In Motion (RIM) goes one up on Apple and its iPhone by being the most popular smartphone manufacturer during Q1 2009. The three-month period that ended in March saw RIM’s consumer smartphone market share increase by 15% to touch nearly 50% of the smartphone market compared to the previous quarter – at least that’s what statistics from market research firm NPD showed. This effort was more than enough to […]