LG G2 Mini Begins To Enjoy Android Lollipop Update In Greece

Not too long after LG Greece shared that the LG G2 Mini will be on the receiving end of an Android Lollipop update some time later this month, along comes the update that has started to appear on the handsets of certain folks living in Greece. At the very least, this bit of news hails from the folks over at TechValue.

LG G2 Mini Might Be Bluetooth Certified

Do you feel as though it is compulsory these days for companies to roll out a “mini” version of a current device? For instance, the folks over at Samsung has the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, while HTC has their HTC One Mini, with Sony jumping aboard the bandwagon with their Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. This leads to the question – what about LG? I guess LG is not too far […]