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Samsung May Bring Fingerprint Sensors To Entry-Level Galaxy J Series
It has only been a few years since fingerprint sensors became a staple on mid-range smartphones. When this technology first made its way to handheld devices it was only found on the high-end models which were expensive and out of the reach of many customers. The technology has improved and become cheaper since then which is why almost all mid-range handsets have fingerprint sensors now. Samsung appears to be willing […]

Samsung Galaxy J Officially Announced In Taiwan
Just last week we reported that according to speculation, there was a chance that the Samsung Galaxy J could be announced in Taiwan this week, and sure enough it has. Samsung has officially taken the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy J Android handset which will be seeing a release in Taiwan in a red or white finish. There is a blue finish but apparently that finish is limited to the […]

Samsung Galaxy J Possibly Teased In Video
Early last week, we did talk about how the Samsung Galaxy J could be announced this coming December 9th, and that’s that. Since it is already December 9th in the east as at press time, there was a new YouTube video which was spotted, running for 22 seconds while being titled “Just For You”. This is a teaser video that does not say much, although it depicts without leaving any […]

Samsung Galaxy J Could Be Announced In Taiwan On December 9th
The Samsung Galaxy J has been leaked and rumored for a while now, although it has since been launched in Japan. However if you’re looking forward to getting the handset and you’re not in Japan, Samsung has started to send out invites to an event in Taiwan for the 9th of December in which the Samsung Galaxy J could be officially announced for other markets.The handset was first sighted in […]


Samsung Galaxy J Could Be Headed For Markets Outside Of Japan
Back in October, a leaked photo showed a certain Samsung Galaxy J which at that time appeared to be exclusive for Japan’s NTT DOCOMO network, but now thanks to a new benchmark sighting, there is a small chance the Galaxy J could be headed for international waters in the near future. According to the benchmark sighting, it reveals a certain device with the model number, SGH-075T. The Galaxy J for […]

Sony Xperia Z1 f And Samsung Galaxy J Gets Official In Japan
At the beginning of this week, we did bring you word that the Sony Xperia Z1 f, where it is more popularly known as the Honami Mini or the Xperia Z1 mini, has a very high chance of making its way to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, it did not take too long since that particular day before the handset has been made official over in Japan, not […]

Samsung Galaxy J Leaks With Snapdragon 800 CPU, 5-Inch Display
While the world has been looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the company had another Galaxy device up its sleeve they had planned to release only in Japan called the Galaxy J. Samsung devices released in Japan don’t tend to offer anything outside of slight modifications over the original device, but the Galaxy J seems to be quite the powerful smartphone.