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Galaxy S10 Lineup Receives Update To Improve PowerShare
Samsung is rolling out a new software update today for the Galaxy S10 lineup which includes the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+. It’s an incremental update which brings the latest security patch for the devices. It also improves the performance of a new feature introduced with the latest flagship series.

Monday's Jimmy Fallon Episode Shot Entirely On Galaxy S10+
As part of a broad ad deal that Samsung has signed with NBCUniversal, tonight’s episode of Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” has been shot entirely on the Galaxy S10+. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone ups the ante in the camera department with an ultra-wide camera lens. Fallon will be highlighting the fact during this unconventional episode of his show.

5G Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Available For Purchase April 5
Last month when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, they also announced that there would be a 5G variant of the handset. There was no mention of when the phone will be launched, but according to Yonhap News (via PhoneArena), Samsung has confirmed the phone’s availability for the 5th of April.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Proximity Sensor Bug Is Waking The Phone In Pockets
Proximity sensors are sensors that we can typically find in our phones these days. For the most part we don’t really given them too much thought, but when they don’t work as intended, it can be annoying which is what some Samsung Galaxy S10 users are discovering. According to the reports, it seems that some users are finding that due to a bug, the proximity sensor on their phones isn’t […]


Samsung Embraces The Galaxy S10’s Punch-Hole Display With New Wallpapers
With the Samsung Galaxy S10, the company has opted to not use a notch in favor of a punch-hole display. Depending on your personal preference, you might like/hate it more than the notch. Samsung has in the past tried to cover it up by including wallpaper that would black out that area.

Verizon Mobile 5G Network Launches April 11th
Carriers in the United States will be launching their mobile 5G networks this year and Verizon has now confirmed the date for its launch. Big Red has confirmed that its mobile 5G network is going to be launched on April 11th. It will also begin to sell the 5G Moto Mod for the Moto Z3 so that users can actually take advantage of 5G speeds.

That Blinking White Light On The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Not A Defect
If you are planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy S10, you may at some point notice that there is a blinking white light on the upper portion of the display. Now before you freak out and think that you got a defective model, think again because this is actually on purpose and is actually linked to the phone’s proximity sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Scores 3 Out Of 10 For Repairability
These days at the exorbitant prices that handset makers are asking from us, many of us are holding onto our phones longer than before, where instead of upgrading every year or every other year, we might be keeping them for as long as three years, if not more. This means that not only do we have to take care of our devices, but we have to make sure that they […]

How To Remap Samsung's Bixby Button (Official Method)Editor's Pick
Samsung is finally letting users remap the Bixby button (aka Bixby Key) to launch other applications. We explain how to set it up, and even update Bixby if needed in easy steps.

Samsung Galaxy S10 ReviewEditor's Pick
The Galaxy S10 is a near-perfect smartphone. It is a very balanced handset that performs extremely well at everything. For everything that matters, (camera, display, processor, design) – The S10 either leads or finds itself in the leading group.

DisplayMate Gives Samsung Galaxy S10’s Display An A+ Grade
If there is one aspect about Samsung phones that is hard to deny, it would be in their displays where Samsung admittedly makes one of the best displays in the smartphone game at the moment. So much so that according to a recent review by DisplayMate, they have given the phone’s display the highest grade possible with an A+.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lineup Gets HDR Certification For Netflix
With the Samsung Galaxy S10 being the latest and greatest phones from Samsung, it’s not surprising that their handsets would eventually get HDR certified by Netflix. If you are using any of the models that were recently announced, including the lower-end Galaxy S10e, Netflix has updated its support page where it lists all the Galaxy S10 handsets as being HDR compatible.

These Genius Wallpapers Will Flaunt The Galaxy S10’s Hole-In Display
With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung has approached the design of the handset very differently from the competition who have either been using a notch to house the front-facing cameras and sensors, or relying on a popup camera mechanism. Samsung has instead opted to use a hole-in display, where there are cutouts on the display just for the cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
As one of the first major high-end smartphones of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 launches under high scrutiny by analysts and fans alike. As the most successful high-end franchise on Android, the Galaxy S has built a reputation for its excellent camera performance. How good is the 2019 edition? We reveal it all! Learn more: what is our Camera IQ score?

Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S10 Seemingly Outperforms Its Exynos Variant
As many probably know by now, Samsung’s flagships typically launch with two different chipsets depending on the market. Some markets will receive the Qualcomm chipset, while others will use Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. While presumably Samsung has done all they can to ensure a consistent user experience, recent benchmarks don’t seem too good.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Come With Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet
If you’re someone who is dabbling in cryptocurrency and have a few stashed away, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the phone for you. This is because Samsung has confirmed that the recently-announced Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature its own cryptocurrency wallet called the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Models Could Ship Later Than Expected
When Samsung announced their Galaxy S10 lineup, the company had stated that they would be releasing the handsets on the 8th of March. However as it turns out, that might not be 100% true because according to the dates found on the Samsung US website, some models might be shipped out later than others.

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Face Unlock Seemingly Beaten By A Photo
With the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung seems to have ditched the iris scanner in favor of an in-display fingerprint scanner and a face unlock feature. If you are planning on picking up the phone, you should probably take note that maybe using the face unlock feature might not be the best way to secure your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Bundled With McAfee Anti-Malware Software
Most mobile phone companies these days tend to do a pretty good job of ensuring that their devices stay updated with the most recent security patches. This is to ensure that exploits and vulnerabilities are patched in a timely manner to prevent them from being used, but this isn’t an end-all solution.

Samsung Offering Discounts On Galaxy S10 For Students And Teachers
Premium smartphones continue to get expensive and that’s a major reason why people are holding on to their devices for longer. Companies like Apple offer education markdowns which make these devices a bit more attainable for students and teachers. Samsung is replicating that strategy with up for 40 percent off on devices for students and teachers. It’s also offering an 8 percent discount on the new Galaxy S10 lineup.