Galaxy S4 Active

AT&T Releases Android 5.0 For the Galaxy S4 Active
The Galaxy S4 Active is nearly two years so understandably it might not have support for future iterations of Android but the device is more than capable of running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Galaxy S4 Active users on AT&T should keep their eyes peeled for an update today because the carrier has finally released Android 5.0 for this device. It may very well be the last major Android update for this […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Receives AT&T Update
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active proved to be quite the tough cookie when it was first released last year – bringing along with it a slew of performance capabilities of the flagship Samsung smartphone, apart from the fact that it is relatively tougher – the whole lot of it. AT&T’s exclusive Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was not only dustproof but waterproof as well, and thanks to its IP67 certification, that […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Survives Attack From Lawn Mower
Back in 2013, Samsung announced a rugged device called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The device more or less shared similar specs with the Galaxy S4, with the main differences being that the Galaxy S4 Active had rugged features, such as an IP67 rating which made the handset both water and dust resistant.However exactly how rugged are we talking about? Well one particular user on Reddit, yapinjapin1, told a story […]

Galaxy S4 Active i537 Android 4.4 Update Rolls Out Once Again
Imagine waiting for a major Android update only to have the roll out put on hold a few days after said update goes live. Its frustrating to say the least. That’s exactly what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. In April AT&T released the KitKat update but put it on hold after a couple of days. Now the Galaxy S4 Active i537 Android 4.4 update is being pushed out […]


AT&T Stops Android 4.4.2 KitKat For Galaxy S4 Active
It slightly less than a week back that word of the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update was arriving via an Over The Air (OTA) vehicle for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) over at AT&T, which would see additional features thrown into the mix. The thing is, it does look as though AT&T has stopped the update’s release today, without letting us on a specific reason in allowing that to happen. […]

AT&T Galaxy S4 Active Android 4.4 Update Released
Samsung is known for launching multiple variants of its flagship devices. Galaxy S4 Active is the rugged, water and dust-proof variant of last year’s flagship smartphone. AT&T picked up the variant at launch and has been offering it to subscribers since. There’s good news today for Galaxy S4 Active owners on AT&T. Finally the AT&T Galaxy S4 Active Android 4.4 update has been released. The update is being rolled out over-the-air […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Receives Snapdragon 800 Chipset
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has been around for some time already, being one of the rugged models from Samsung that is able to withstand more than just regular wear and tear. Having said that, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has just received a bump in its chipset, where the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset is now thrown into the mix, giving users another option other than picking […]

Lower-specced Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I8580) Leaked
A while back Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 Active which was more or less the Galaxy S4 device just with waterproofing capabilities. Well apparently there is a new Galaxy S4 Active in the works, one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset on board, but it seems that while Samsung is working on that device, it turns out that another Galaxy S4 Active is in the works as well, but this […]

Korean Samsung Galaxy S4 Active To Arrive With Snapdragon 800 Processor In October
It has just been reported by Korean news source Naver that Samsung will most probably roll out the existing Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with a Snapdragon 800 processor in South Korea later this October. At this point in time, all existing Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smartphones in that part of the world will be powered by the quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. Apparently, the release of the refreshed Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review
Samsung released its latest Galaxy S Android smartphone earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S4, which since then has sold like hotcakes as it’s been released globally. One thing we didn’t expect was for there to be an additional version of the Galaxy S4 released shortly after its release that would allow the device to become extremely durable as it has been made to be water and dust-resistant and has […]

AT&T Confirms Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Exchange, But Only One Time
A couple of days ago we reported that according to a rumor, it seems that some Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smartphones were suffering water damage and that AT&T would be willing to let you exchange your phone, albeit once. Well it turns out that the rumors were true and AT&T has confirmed that they are allowing customers to exchange their Galaxy S4 smartphones one time to a new Galaxy S4 […]

AT&T Starts Replacing Galaxy S4 Active Smartphones That Experienced Water Damage (Rumor)
When it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active would be available via AT&T on June 21st for $200 a pop a couple of months ago, some folks might have seen that as a way to pick up a rugged device, although it was not considered to be 100% waterproof, it still did come with an IP67 certification that meant theoretically speaking, it ought to be able to be […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Could Receive Snapdragon 800 Processor As Well
The Snapdragon 800 processor does seem to be a pretty attractive proposition to many a smartphone manufacturer, as evident by a recent Lenovo smartphone leak as well as a Samsung Galaxy S4 that picked up a Bluetooth certification. We are not too surprised with the take up rate of the Snapdragon 800 processor considering the kind of performance it can push out, and it seems that the Android ecosystem is […]

LoJack Security App Available Now For Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S4 Active
Most smartphones users are concerned about the safety and security of their device as well as the data on their devices. That is why third party developers make a lot of apps that offer various security features. Manufacturers themselves bundle security softwares to make their devices more secure. The LoJack security app is now available for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active, the service will cost users $29.99 per year […]

Galaxy S4 Active Root Method Developed By Geohot
A Galaxy S4 Active root method has been developed by legendary iOS hacker Geohot. Users just have to visit a website, download an APK and then run the program on their device to root it.

Galaxy S4 Active And Note 8.0 LTE Kernel Source Code Released
Samsung has released kernel source code for Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE, Developers can now create custom ROMs for these devices.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Shipping From Today
AT&T has updated its Galaxy S4 Active web page to reflect that it will be shipping the device today, two days before the official launch date, which is June 21st.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Available On AT&T June 21 For $200
AT&T will carry the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active starting on June 21 for $200 with two-year contract.

AT&T Could Announce Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Today
Just last week Samsung finally put an end to the rumors of the Galaxy S4 Active by officially announcing it themselves, and thanks to a new teaser video uploaded by AT&T, it seems that we might be able to expect an announcement of availability from the carrier pretty soon. While the teaser does not actually name the device, the fact that the video shows off the phone being dunked in […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Is Now Official
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has been officially announced with a pretty interesting underwater camera feature.