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T-Mobile Releases Oreo For Galaxy S8 Active
More Samsung handsets are gradually receiving their Oreo updates in the United States. Merely a day after AT&T started rolling it out, T-Mobile has also released Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy S8 Active. The carrier has already released said update for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ on its network and so have the other three major carriers in the United States.

Galaxy S8 Active Launched On T-Mobile And Sprint
It was first reported a couple of months back that AT&T might finally lose its exclusivity over Samsung’s “Active” handsets. Ever since the first was launched several years ago, the handsets have only been available from AT&T in the United States. Samsung itself confirmed recently that the Galaxy S8 Active will soon be available from T-Mobile and Sprint. Both carriers have now started selling the handset to their customers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Available From Sprint November 17
Samsung’s “Active” series of phones have typically been an exclusive to AT&T, at least until this year when the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active made its way onto other carriers as well. In fact if you’re thinking about getting the phone, you might be interested to learn that the Galaxy S8 Active will be available from Sprint November 17.

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active Render Leaked
We have been hearing reports for quite some time now that the Galaxy S8 Active might soon be making its way to T-Mobile. Samsung is yet to confirm this and we’ve not heard anything from T-Mobile so far. However, a render has been leaked online which makes it clear that this handset is due to be launched on Magenta in the near future.


T-Mobile Might Launch Galaxy S8 Active Soon
Samsung’s Galaxy S “Active” handsets have always been exclusive to AT&T in the United States ever since the first one, the Galaxy S4 Active, was launched in the country. It was reported earlier this year that AT&T might no longer be the exclusive home of the Galaxy S8 Active. While this handset was launched on the country’s second-largest carrier several weeks ago, it’s possible that T-Mobile might launch the Galaxy […]

Galaxy S8 Active Screen Scratches Irk Owners
Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S8 Active in the United States last month. It’s exclusive to AT&T in the country like previous Active variants. Many people opt for the Active variants because they provide more durability. Some customers are reporting that the handset’s shatter-resistant screen scratches very easily.

Galaxy S8 Active Official, AT&T May Lose Exclusivity
Ever since Samsung started making “Active” variants of its Galaxy S flagships, they have been exclusive to AT&T in the United States. AT&T was the only point-of-sale for these variants because Samsung didn’t even release unlocked models of Active devices. That might change this year, though. AT&T is likely to lose its Galaxy S8 Active exclusivity, according to official word from the company itself.

AT&T Likely To Announce Galaxy S8 Active Soon
Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything officially about the Galaxy S8 Active so far but when it was first rumored earlier this year that this variant was in development, it didn’t really surprise anybody. The company has launched “Active” variants of its Galaxy S smartphones over the past couple of years so there’s every reason to believe that it’s going to do that for the Galaxy S8 Active as well. It appears […]

High-Res Galaxy S8 Active Render Leaked
It’s no secret that Samsung has been developing an “Active” variant of the Galaxy S8. The company has been doing that for every iteration of its flagship Galaxy S series device for the past few years. There have been countless rumors and leaks concerning the Galaxy S8 Active so far and the latest brings us a high-resolution render of the device itself.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Specs Revealed
Recently leaked photos show off what is supposedly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. Now thanks to leaked slides posted onto Weibo (via SamMobile), some pretty detailed specs of the upcoming smartphone has been revealed, which while we cannot verify if it is real, isn’t really that much of a stretch by today’s standards.

Alleged Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Surface
The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has yet to be confirmed, but given Samsung’s history of releasing “Active” variants of its flagships, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to release one this year. In fact there have been some leaks that reveal that the phone is indeed in the works, and now leaked photos of the phone have made their way online.

Galaxy S8 Active Gets Listed On Samsung's Website
It has been a couple of months since Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. As we’ve seen in the past couple of years, the company comes out with an “Active” variant of the new flagship a few months later. Over the past few weeks, we have heard rumors and reports about the Galaxy S8 Active even though it hasn’t been announced as yet by the company. The Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Spotted On Geekbench
Whenever Samsung launches their flagship Galaxy S series of phones, they usually follow up by launching variants of the handset at a later date. In the case of the Galaxy S8, we have heard rumors and seen some “evidence” that the Galaxy S8 Active will be the next variant of the series.

Galaxy S8 Active Image Leaked Online
It’s not going to surprise anyone if in a few weeks an “Active” variant of the Galaxy S8 lands on AT&T. Samsung has released more rugged versions of its flagship smartphones exclusively on AT&T over the past few years. This is why a Galaxy S8 Active is expected to be launched on AT&T in the near future. It appears that the first image of the handset itself may have been […]

Galaxy S8 Active's Existence Revealed By User Agent String
For the past few years, Samsung has been releasing an “Active” variant of its Galaxy S series flagships. The Active variant is always an AT&T exclusive in the United States so it won’t surprise anyone if the Galaxy S8 Active makes its way to AT&T at some point this year. A User Agent String has revealed the existence of the AT&T-bound Galaxy S8 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Rumored For AT&T
Over the past few years, Samsung has been releasing “Active” versions of its flagship smartphones, and it looks like this year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 will be continuing that trend. According to a report from SamMobile, they have learnt that an Active variant of the Galaxy S8 is in the works and it will be arriving on AT&T’s network.