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Hands-On: Sony Morpheus Review
At GDC 2014, Sony dropped a bomb in the VR world by introducing its VR headset concept to the world (this was preceded by its share of Sony rumors). Called Morpheus, the VR headset is Sony’s way of saying that Virtual Reality came make a comeback after more than a decade after being shelved by the gaming industry. The the moment, the Sony Morpheus is still a concept, but as you […]

Hands-On: Oculus Rift Review (Crystal Cove, DK2)
It had been a while since I wore an Oculus Rift, and it was time to peek at the latest version of the hardware SDK, called Crystal Cove. I had missed out on the previous evolution, but it looks like this latest revision is much more interesting anyway. Oculus VR has worked hard to fix every pain points that it could, such as latency, response time and other critical aspects […]

Microsoft Could Have Been 'More Clear' About Xbox One Always-On Policies
Last year, following its announcement that the Xbox One would require an internet connection at all times, Microsoft received much criticism. There was actually quite a lot of debate on this matter, but the majority seemed to be leaning towards removal of the always-on policy. After a few months Microsoft rolled back the Xbox One always-on policy. The console came out in November last year and has since then been […]

PowerVR GPUs Get Hardware Ray-Tracing, Leap Everyone Else
I’ve seen the announcement from Imagination technologies earlier in the week, but I wanted to take a look at their Ray-Tracing demos and presentations to get a better idea. I finally got an opportunity to do so, and I really liked what I saw. The latest PowerVR GPU architecture has a new Ray Tracing Unit (or RTU) that can trace the path of light rays from one surface to another […]


PS4 DualShock 4 Light Bar Dim Option Coming In Next Update
The Sony PlayStation 4 brought with it a significantly revamped DualShock 4 controller. There’s a light bar on the controller itself, and while it does provide a really cool effect, it does feed on the controller’s battery. Some gamers would prefer to cut down on the novelty as much as they can if it helps extend the DualShock 4’s battery life even if in the slightest. If you’re one of those […]

DirectX 12: A Rather Awesome Software-Only Evolution
Microsoft has just finished presenting its preview of DirectX 12 (Direct3D 12 in particular), their newest graphics API (Application Programming Interface) which lets game developers control graphics processing units (GPUs) in games and other graphics applications. Although DirectX has been an excellent graphics API since DirectX 8, Microsoft’s DirectX 12 is going to address long-standing issues that were carried out until DirectX 11. As a result, developers will get the […]

Facebook Game Notifications Get More Detailed
The devil’s in the details, or so the saying goes. For those of you who have spent the better part of your past few years getting social on Facebook while indulging in the many games (time sinkholes, I call them) whether you are at the office in front of a desktop computer, or are on the move and playing with a mobile device, I am quite sure that would have […]

Crytek's CryEngine Adopts Subscription Model At $10 A Month
Earlier we reported that Epic Games had announced during GDC 2014 that Unreal Engine 4 would become a subscription-based product, in which developers will be able to access the engine, editors, and even the source code for $19.99 a month.This is good news for small time developers looking to make some pretty impressive games or utilize Unreal Engine 4 for other purposes. However it seems that Crytek has decided to […]

Firefox Powers Better In-Browser Games At GDC14
On the heels of the game-changing announcement from Epic Games earlier today, I headed out to Mozilla’s booth at GDC14 to get a demo of their progress in running the Unreal and Unity engines in the browser. you may have seen Unity web containers in the past, but this is totally different since Unity has added support for a web/Javascript target. Now, two of the most popular game engines can […]

Unreal Engine 4 Complete Access For $19/mo
Epic Games was holding a presentation during which they demonstrated new Unreal engine 4 (UE4) features, along with a completely new business model. Starting from today, Unreal Engine 4 will become a subscription-based products with which anyone can access all the UE4 engine, editors and source code (!) for $19.99 per month.