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Holiday Gift Guide For Gamers And Geeks (2016)
The holidays are upon us which means it’s time to open up our wallets and spend some money on gifts for ourselves and our friends and family.Some of the most interesting products are presented for games and gaming consoles while pointers are also up for grabs on products that should excite just about every geek. This 2016 holiday gift guide features some of the best products for gamers and geeks.

The ultimate vending machines for geeks and hobbyists
If you’re into taking machines apart or building some of your own, you might want to pay a visit to Metrix Create: Space in Seattle, and then go home and write in your wishlist what you wish was in your city as well. The Metrix Create: Space is one of the newest “hackerspaces” that recently opened in Seattle. It’s basically a place where people go to build or take apart […]

Screen-printed Circuit Board tie
Valentine’s Day might be over for the man-geek in your life, but if you have run out of all ideas on what to get him since he already has the iPad 2 as well as the HTC ThunderBolt, what else can you fall back on but the trusted tie? Instead of some designer garb, you might want to check out the Screen-printed Circuit Board tie instead that comes with copper […]

Tombstone for a computer geek
Do you ever think of what you’d want your tombstone to look like when you depart this world? Well, someone out there has a pretty geeky tombstone as it looks very much like a computer. Aside from that, the deceased’s parents have also kept his email address open so his loved ones can keep sending him messages, apparently “because, who knows, maybe he can read them on the other side.” […]


Heart Spark Electronic Jewelry Indicates Your Heartbeat
Electronic jewelry might be something that will help you stand out from the crowd at the Christmas party, and if you agree with that idea, maybe you could check out the Heart Spark necklace pendant. The device features a polar heart rate monitor built into it and features a real-time clock and extra storage in the event it’s needed. It’s designed to look like something taken out from a computer […]

Circuit Board Coffee Table
Not sure what to do with all your old and boring motherboards and other computers parts in your room? If you were thinking of throwing it all away, why not make a little effort and turn it into a Circuit Board Table, which is a coffee table that sports plenty of electronic components inside, making it known to everybody that you’re a brainy person. The table also offers LED panels […]

Han Solo In Carbonite Table
Do you think that you’re the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet? Well, then you’ll certainly drool yourself dry when you take a peek at this table with a figure of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite encased inside. Designed by Tom Spina Designs, it’s certainly noticeable, and unless you’re missus is a real sport, she’ll more than likely disapprove of this, so don’t say you were never warned!