Articles about Google Pixel XL

Google May Release Always On Display Mode For Pixel Phones
Even though the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have OLED displays, the company decided not to offer an ambient display mode with these handsets. Perhaps you’re familiar with the Always On Display on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. It’s essentially the same thing. It boggles the mind why Google wouldn’t enable this feature right out of the gate but it appears that the company is working on this […]

T-Mobile Will Pay Off Your Google Pixel If You Switch From Verizon
T-Mobile has a habit of trying to steal its competitor’s customers by launching promotions that entice them to switch to Magenta. The latest is aimed at Verizon customers, particularly those who own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL. That’s because Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner for the Pixel and Pixel XL in the United States. T-Mobile has said that it’s going to cover the cost of the device for […]

2017 Google Pixel Phone Will Be A Premium Device
Google launched its Pixel smartphones late last year and the response for the first-generation “Made by Google” smartphones appears to have been very good. It goes without saying that Google won’t rest on its laurels and that we can expect the company to follow up on the Pixel and Pixel XL‘s successor. The company’s head of hardware Rick Osterloh and confirmed that the company is going to release a 2017 […]

Verizon Sending Out Free Daydream View VR Headsets
Google may have underestimated demand for its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. These are the first devices that the company has slapped its “Made by Google” label on and they have been well received by customers across the globe. Supply issues continue to persist for some models of the Pixel, particularly the Pixel XL, and it appears that in order to make up for the delay Verizon is now sending […]


Google Pixel Review
Google’s “Pixel” line of products is designed to be the highest-end, top of the line hardware from Google. It is very different from the Nexus line of products, which is designed to provide excellent “quality for the price”. In a Pixel product, pricing is not a concern, and with prices going from $649 (Pixel 32GB) to $869 (Pixel XL 128GB), Google’s new phones don’t come for cheap, but they do provide excellent features and […]

Google Pixel Phone Revealed
Google has just announced its Pixel phone. You may know the Pixel name from the Chromebooks line of products, and in both cases, Pixel described the absolute best Hardware and Software available from Google. The Google Pixel phone features a sleek design, a great camera, and the latest Google Software, including Google Assistant and DayDream VR.