Uber And Grab Merger Could Be Reversed By Singapore

Uber announced in March this year that it was selling its entire Southeast Asian business to Grab, its biggest rival in the region. The deal saw Uber exit the region which made Grab the biggest ride-sharing service in Southeast Asia. There has been some concern from antitrust bodies that feel this merger will lessen competition. Singapore’s antitrust body has now said that it may have to reverse the Uber and […]

Toyota Invests $1 Billion In Ride-Hailing Service Grab

If you have ever been to Southeast Asia over the past couple of years then you would have heard about Grab. It’s the leading ride-hailing service in the region, one that gave Uber a tough time and eventually caused it to exit the market. Grab has now received a vote of confidence from Toyota in the form of a $1 billion capital injection as part of its latest funding round.

Uber’s Sale To Grab May Be Against Competition Laws

Amid reports that Uber was thinking about leaving the Southeast Asia region, the company confirmed a few days ago that it’s going to sell its entire business in Southeast Asia to local rival Grab. The deal makes Grab the dominant ride-hailing service in the market and regulators in Singapore have some concerns. They say that Grab’s acquisition of Uber’s business in the region may be against competition laws.

Uber Sells Its Southeast Asian Business To Its Rival Grab

Uber operates in many countries around the world, but it seems that despite it being the first of its kind, there are some markets that the company has struggled in, such as China where Uber was forced to call it quits and sell to local competitor Didi Chuxing. As you might have heard, history appears to be repeating itself as Uber is also reported to be giving up its Southeast […]


Uber’s Exit From Southeast Asia Will Be Confirmed Tomorrow

It was first reported a couple of weeks ago that Uber might soon bow out of the Southeast Asian market. The company was reportedly in talks with local ride-hailing service Grab to sell its division in return for a stake in the company. According to a new report by Bloomberg, Uber has reached a deal with Grab and is going to announce it as early as tomorrow morning.

Uber May Sell Parts Of Southeast Asia Business To Grab

It was first reported last month that Uber could potentially sell its Southeast Asian business to local competitor Grab. Grab has already been giving Uber a very tough time in this market so the word on the street was that Uber was in talks with Grab to sell its business in return for a “sizable stake” in the company. While Uber CEO’s recent comments suggested that the company was not […]