Articles about graphene

Bulletproof Graphene Becomes Harder On Impact
Graphene has contributed significantly to the advancement of material science. It’s just a very tight sheet of Carbon atoms that’s thinner than a sheet of paper but it has great physical properties. Researchers continue to dig deeper in order to reveal more applications of this versatile material. They have now created a bulletproof graphene material that actually becomes harder than diamonds on impact with a fast-moving object like bullets.

Graphene Could Deliver Superior Bulletproof Armor
When it comes to protecting oneself against bullets, more often than not, Kevlar tends to be the one name that comes into mind. Researchers, however, might just have something better – touting graphene to be the best material when it comes to the manufacturing of bulletproof armors. Graphene was originally developed during laboratory trials in 2003, where it is not only thin, but close to being transparent as well. This […]