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Samsung Will Spend $300 Million To Make Cars Smarter
Samsung isn’t in the business of manufacturing cars but it surely wants to do something about making cars smarter. That’s one of the reasons why it spent more than $8 billion on acquiring Harman International. It has now announced that a new $300 million fund has been created to focus completely on startups and technologies aimed at developing smarter cars.

Samsung Confirms Harman-Made AI Speaker For Next Year
Samsung today confirmed that it’s going to launch an artificial intelligence-powered smart speaker made by Harman in the first half of next year. In case you’re unaware, Harman International was acquired by Samsung about a year ago. Samsung’s mobile division chief Dongjin Koh confirmed during the Korean Media Day for the Galaxy Note 8 at Samsung’s Seocho Office that the company has been collaborating with Harman since the acquisition.

Samsung's Harman Acquisition Completed
Samsung first announced its intention to acquire Harman International for $8 billion late last year. It’s one of the biggest acquisitions that Samsung has ever made and it’s going to have a significant impact on the company’s vision for the future. Samsung has now announced that it has successfully closed the acquisition of Harman International. The completion of this transaction follows the satisfaction of all conditions including the approval by […]

Harman Shareholders File Lawsuit To Prevent Samsung Acquisition
Last year it was announced that Samsung would be acquiring Harman in a bid to expand their connected car efforts (and presumably audio efforts too). However it was later suggested that the acquisition’s completion might be hindered as some Harman shareholders believe that they aren’t getting their money’s worth.


Galaxy S8 Stereo Speakers Might Tout Harman Branding
Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 in February next year. The company has a point to prove with its next flagship following the unfortunate demise of the Galaxy Note 7. It’s expected to debut major improvements to the Galaxy S series with the next flagship. A new rumor suggests that the Galaxy S8 is going to have stereo speakers that will tout Harman branding.

Galaxy S8 Will Not Feature Harman Audio Technology
With Samsung announcing their plans to acquire Harman, we’re sure this has gotten some people excited as Harman is also a company that produces audio products. So does this mean that we can expect Samsung to also integrate Harman’s technology into future mobile devices, like maybe 2017’s Galaxy S8?

Harman Kardon Omni Bar Delivers Wireless Audio
As we continue to make the march in the direction of a wireless lifestyle, ranging from wireless charging to wireless audio, here is a solution in the latter category from Harman, where it will be known as the Harman Kardon Omni Bar. The Harman Kardon Omni Bar happens to be an innovative 2.1-channel soundbar which will come with a high-performance wireless subwoofer, allowing it to deliver a rich audio experience […]

AKG Delivers Quincy Jones Inspired Headphones
Harman is back again with a bang, where they have just announced the AKG N90Q. Now, what would make the AKG N90Q stand out from the rest of the headphones that are out there in the market? Well, it happens to be the world’s first pair of headphones that will come with personalized sound, where it has been specially designed by legendary Grammy winner Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones shared, “I […]

HARMAN AKG Y20 And Y23 In-Ear Stereo Headphones
HARMAN knows that the perfect combination of form and function would be able to capture the emotions of many, which would then lead to an eventual purchase decision. AKG signature sound, having racked up more than six decades of audio expertise, has just seen the AKG Y20 and Y23 ultra-small headphones being launched, where great sounding audio is now more affordable than ever before.

JBL Reflect Response BT And JBL S210BT Deliver Gesture Controls
There is value in being the first in the world to achieve something – it shows the rest of the market on how you happen to be a pioneer in your particular department. Having said that, who would have thought that controllers would have ventured beyond the realm of conventional buttons – as both the JBL Reflect Response BT and the JBL S210BT are touted to be the first in […]

Harman Introduces Next-Gen Scalable In-Vehicle Infotainment System
[CES 2014] When it comes to in-vehicle entertainment systems, companies such as Apple and Google are reportedly showing interest, and as it stands there does not appear to be a standard as to what an in-vehicle entertainment system should be like, meaning that your entertainment system will differ depending on which car company you go with. Well if you’re a fan of Harman’s audio and infotainment systems, you might be […]

Harman JBL Professional PRX700 Series Portable Loudspeakers
When you have names like Harman and JBL come together, you know for sure that your ears are in for a treat. In fact, the next generation in JBL’s PRX portable PA line, simply known as the PRX700 Series, will be able to deliver improvements in terms of power, SPL and connectivity. The PRX700 Series will comprise of seven new models in total, and they are the PRX710 which is […]

Harman 3D Automotive Sound
[CES 2013] Harman is the name you look to when it comes to your home audio and entertainment options, but this time around it would be ears in your car that will benefit especially when they have just announced their very own QuantumLogic 3D technology that claims to deliver an unmatched three-dimensional surround sound experience to in-car audio. With Harman’s patented QuantumLogic Surround (QLS) digital signal processing technology as the […]

Harman BMW Premium Infotainment System Unveiled
[CES 2013] I guess it would make plenty of sense when you shack up two premium brands together – after all, to have something like a pristine Ferrari parked in a junkyard does not make much sense, so we are not too surprised to see Bavarian automaker BMW team up with Harman, the premium global audio and infotainment group. Harman will deliver what they call as the “core” of the […]