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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Out A Day Early
Niantic had previously confirmed that it would release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on June 21st. However, if you live in of these two countries, you will be able to play the game a day early on an iOS or Android device. Niantic is likely opening up the game to early adopters a day before the official launch so as to prevent server overloads that were experienced with Pokemon Go.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Teaser Reveals Some Game Details
Pokemon Go developer Niantic and publisher WB Games announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in November last year. The title will be similar to Pokemon Go in that it will also rely on augmented reality. A new teaser of this augmented reality-based game has been released online today. It shows us a glimpse of what the game might look like.

Harry Potter AR Game Being Developed By Pokemon Go Creators
You may have heard of a little something known as Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game instantly became popular across the globe after it was released. It’s safe to say that Niantic’s efforts with this title were very successful. It was rumored not too long ago that Niantic might be working on a Harry Potter augmented reality title. The creators of Pokemon Go have now confirmed that they’re indeed developing […]