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Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM for HTC HD7 released
Windows Phone 7.8 is said to offer a semblance of what Windows Phone 8 is all about for Windows Phone-powered devices that will not be getting the Windows Phone 8 upgrade, and the venerable HTC HD7 is privileged to receive the Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM recently, making it the very first Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM to boot. This particular ROM release is known by its build number of […]

HTC updates HD7 and Mozart with internet sharing features
Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 update brought the internet sharing feature to some of the newer Windows Phone devices. This was an exclusive feature limited to phones launched with Windows Phone 7.5 already installed, but a recent update by HTC that’s being pushed out to the HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart has brought this internet sharing feature to both the older Windows Phone models.It seems that HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart […]

Windows Phone 7 update for HTC HD7 released
HTC HD7 users on T-Mobile should be in for a treat today. According to PocketNow, the 7392 build update for Windows Phone 7 started rolling out today. The security update that started rolling out awhile ago on other phones will bring the HD7’s security up to date with the whole issue it had with fraudulent third-party digital certificates from Comodo.It’s good to see that all the other WP7 devices are […]

Fake HD7 turns up in China sporting fake Windows Phone 7
We’ve seen countless of iPhone clones appearing in China, including the sweet looking iPhone 4 nano spotted not too long ago, well now there’s a new clone on the block. This time it’s of the HTC HD7 running what seems to be Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system.Instead of the usual 4.3″ display we’re used to see on the HD7, this Shanzai clone packs a monstrous 4.8″ display (480 x […]


T-Mobile HTC HD7 Antennagate Issues?
The Antennagate/Death Grip was a big issue when the iPhone 4 was launched and since then, reception issues have always been something that consumers bring up every now and then. Reports are now filtering in that some T-Mobile HD7 users are experiencing similar issues to the iPhone 4 Antennagate scenario. When gripping their phone in certain ways, the reception can be seen (in a video after the jump) dropping from […]

Pictures From HTC HD7 Have A Pink Tinge?
This isn’t exactly the happiest news for folks who are eager to get hold of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC HD7, but folks who have been reviewing the HD7 have noticed that there seems to be a flaw with the camera on the phone. Turns out that when you take low light pictures with it, white colored objects seem to have a heavy pink tint on them. This issue is […]

HTC HD7 ready to rock your world
We covered the Windows Phone 7 launch earlier this morning, and now let us take a look at the HTC HD7 handset in closer detail. T-Mobile will be carrying the HTC HD7, so those of you who live in areas where T-Mobile’s coverage is less than optimal are going to be disappointing. It holds the distinction of having the largest display available on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the […]

HTC HD7/HD3 Full Specifications Leaked!
Plenty of leaks on the upcoming HTC HD3/HD7 (or whatever it will finally be called) have been going around recently. First we had a leaked diagram, and then leaked pictures, and now the technical specifications of the device have surfaced too. The support for the AWS bands hints that it might be headed for T-Mobile USA, and it should sport specifications such as:

Details of HTC HD7 release date and pricing unveiled
HTC’s upcoming HD7 has been pretty mysterious all this while, but at long last we have details on its release date as well as pricing. This Windows Phone 7-powered HD7 looks all set to hit the market this coming October 18th, where O2 UK will sell it for €79 on a two year €20 monthly contract, but if you prefer to bring the HTC HD7 home as a standalone unit, […]