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Huawei Honor 4X Leaked Prior To Official Release
The Huawei Honor 4X is on the brink of a release, but this does not mean that this particular smartphone is exempt from this thing known as leaks. The Kirin 620-powered handset has its fair share of photos leaked this time around, where it does carry a rather common look to it as though you can tell that it hails from China, coupled with Huawei’s design sophistication, of course.

Huawei Honor 4X Announced - 64-bit Smartphone With 72 Hour Battery Life
If there is one thing we miss about feature phones, it would be that its battery life is very impressive. We could go for days without having to charge our phones, but then again, our phones had no color screens and all they could do was make calls and send text messages. Nowadays with games with impressive graphics, video and music streaming, battery life can run out in a matter […]