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Huawei Launches Honor Note 10 With A 7 Inch Screen
You may still remember the days when it seemed impossible that a smartphone would have a 7 inch display. We saw tablets with 7 inch displays but smartphones have gradually been pushing the envelope on the display size over the past few years. Huawei today launched the Honor Note 10 which has a 7 inch display. It merits mentioning here that this isn’t the first smartphone ever to feature a […]

Huawei Launches Honor Note 8 With Massive 6.6 Inch Display
A couple of years ago it was considered unusual for smartphones to have displays over 5 inches. At that time any smartphone with a display over 5 inches was considered to be too big but the industry has changed since then. Most handsets are now firmly above the 5 inch threshold but it’s still uncommon for display sizes to reach 6 inch and above for smartphones but that’s not going […]