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Telstra HTC HD7 and Mozart to receive Mango update
Telstra has just announced that their HD7 and Mozart smartphones from HTC will be on the receiving end of the Windows Phone Mango update, although owners of the HTC Desire (strange to see how a high end phone becomes obsolete in slightly more than a year – the feeling is surreal) will cringe to hear that there will be no custom Gingerbread update – guess Froyo is as good as […]

HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash headed to AT&T
Heads up AT&T users, it looks like three new Windows Phone 7 handsets will be headed your way! Unfortunately they are expected to arrive only in Q4 so there’s a little bit of waiting for those who are eager to get their hands on the new Windows Phone 7 handsets running on the Mango update. They are the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S and the Samsung Focus Flash.

HTC HD7 Review
HTC HD7 Review - This in-depth HTC HD7 review goes over the HTC HD7 design, user interface and compares this handset with others in the same price range.

HTC Responds To HD7 Antennagate Complaints
After the iPhone 4‘s Antennagate issue, consumers seem to be extra sensitive when it comes to the issue of signal quality on cell phones and recently HTC found itself having to answer questions posed of the signal quality of its HTC HD7 phone, since some users were reporting of a signal quality drop when held in a certain manner. HTC has since issued a statement clarifying the issue, but what […]


Pictures From HTC HD7 Have A Pink Tinge?
This isn’t exactly the happiest news for folks who are eager to get hold of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC HD7, but folks who have been reviewing the HD7 have noticed that there seems to be a flaw with the camera on the phone. Turns out that when you take low light pictures with it, white colored objects seem to have a heavy pink tint on them. This issue is […]

HTC HD7 Has Hidden microSD Memory Card Slot
It was initially thought that the Samsung Focus was the only Windows Phone 7 device that allowed users to replace its external storage, though you did encounter issues with the storage later. Now it turns out that the hotly-anticipated HTC HD7 can do the same too as users have found an SD card slot hiding under the Windows Phone logo. Apparently the card was even able to be replaced without […]

HTC HD7 ready to rock your world
We covered the Windows Phone 7 launch earlier this morning, and now let us take a look at the HTC HD7 handset in closer detail. T-Mobile will be carrying the HTC HD7, so those of you who live in areas where T-Mobile’s coverage is less than optimal are going to be disappointing. It holds the distinction of having the largest display available on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the […]

Details of HTC HD7 release date and pricing unveiled
HTC’s upcoming HD7 has been pretty mysterious all this while, but at long last we have details on its release date as well as pricing. This Windows Phone 7-powered HD7 looks all set to hit the market this coming October 18th, where O2 UK will sell it for €79 on a two year €20 monthly contract, but if you prefer to bring the HTC HD7 home as a standalone unit, […]

T-Mobile Leaked Accessory Sheet Reveals Upcoming Phones
A leaked T-Mobile document has surfaced, giving us a whole bunch of names of some upcoming devices. The list specifically lists the accessories for the devices, but the names are all there for us to see. The list includes the HTC HD7, Comet, Dell Claire, BlackBerry Bold 9780, LG Optimus T, Moto Begonia, and the Moto Jordan (which should be the Defy). It’s worth noting that the dates next to […]