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XDA Developers Planning To Port webOS To HTC Hero
Palm devices may not be the most popular phones out there at the moment, but there are plenty of webOS fans out there. While not everybody might be hot on getting Palm’s hardware, there are many who wish that the software was available for other devices (which it isn’t). That being said, the folks over at XDA Developers think they might be able to do something about it, and they’ve […]

HTC Hero discontinued by Telus
The HTC Hero comes in a different form factor as it has a curved bottom, something that makes it instantly recognizable at first glance. Well, Telus has just announced that they will be discontinuing this smartphone after being made available to the public since November last year. An 11 month run isn’t exactly that long, and to see it discontinued so soon means the phone isn’t doing well at all […]

HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update Finally On Its Way
After what probably feels like an eternity, HTC has finally confirmed that the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero will be released by the end of June. The upgrade itself will come in two parts, the first of which will be rolled out this week, and the second part which will be released nearing the end of the month. It’s worth noting that the second update will wipe all […]

GSM HTC Hero receives Android 2.1 update
At long last, HTC Hero owners (read our review) walking on the GSM side who have been waiting a long, long time to get an updated firmware will finally be able to do so with news of the Android 2.1 coming via Over The Air (OTA). This has been months in waiting, so those who prefer to take it with a pinch of salt are justified in doing so since […]


Sprint's Android Customizations Deemed To Compromise Security
This certainly isn’t going to be the type of news that Sprint wants on the eve of its HTC EVO 4G launch, but what has happened has happened. A source who managed to gain root access to the HTC EVO 4G has had some rather unpleasant things to say about Sprint’s customization to the Android OS, claiming that it was bad enough that an Android app would be able to […]

European HTC Hero To Be Updated To Android 2.1 By The End Of April
It was previously mentioned that the HTC Hero would be getting an Android 2.1 update come April 16th, but it seems that the date might be pushed by back slightly. It seems that some folks have buzzed HTC about the upcoming update, and the Taiwanese company has replied, indicating that the anticipated update would be released at the end of April. The update will be pushed out over-the-air (OTA) so […]

HTC Hero to get Android 2.1 update
Looks like the HTC Hero will also join the Android 2.1 club when April 16th rolls around, where it will hit handsets with the following ROMs: Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA. As for other handsets, fret not – they too will also obtain their upgrades following this rollout. Nice to see HTC being fully commited to introduce Android 2.1 to every Android smartphone that they have released in the market so far, which shows […]

Chocolate HTC Hero Being Sent As Gifts In Russia
If you’re in Russia, you might be lucky enough to receive a gift from HTC – a HTC Hero. The only downside of this wonderful gift is that it’s wholly made out of chocolate, and thus, isn’t a functional phone. It’s obviously a promotional stunt, which is rather cute. The display reads “quietly brilliant new year”, so it’s probably some kind of New Year’s gift. It seems to be exactly […]

HTC Hero Review
There’s a flurry of Android phones out there and not so long ago but the HTC Hero is different not only because it has a better physical design, but also because it has HTC Sense, a proprietary user interface extension that only HTC-branded phones have (unlike the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, which is a white label phone). Yet, you can expect all the advantages that come with an Android phone: very […]

Sprint announces HTC Hero
Sprint has finally announced the HTC Hero that will be headed towards our shores come this October 11th, where it will hit your pockets for $179.99 after some rebates thrown in. Potential owners would be interested to know that this model will lack the chin, a design feature that falls under the “love it or loathe it” category. Apart from the cosmetic change, everything else within remains the same, including […]

HTC Hero Comes In Pink
Folks who have been hankering after the HTC Hero but do not want the color that it comes in now can look again – this Android-powered handset is now available in pink thanks to the Carphone Warehouse Coming Soon page. Scheduled for a launch later this month, we still do not know which carrier it will arrive with. Just to refresh your memory, the HTC Hero will come with a […]

HTC Hero From Orange Spain
Orange Spain is offering the new HTC Hero with the handset going from €99 upwards, although it will be accompanied by a contract agreement and a monthly plan of €29. The HTC Hero will be made available in Spain from next week onwards, while those who can’t wait can place a pre-order online and benefit from a further €10 discount. Of course, if you want to wait until the end […]

HTC Hero ROM Leaked
We’re all pretty excited with what the upcoming HTC Hero will do for the smartphone market when it is released, but until the device comes out on an official basis, we’ll just have to rely on speculations as well as leaks like the following – a couple of folks managed to get hold of the HTC Hero’s Sense UI firmware, but there are still some niggling issues to contend with […]

Some US Android Handsets Miss Out On HTC Sense UI
The hot new Sense UI won’t be making it to your T-Mobile G1 or Vodafone Magic due to one major snag – the same licensing terms that restricted HTC from putting its Microsoft Exchange client as well as other tweaks on “with Google” branded phones. This would include handsets sold by T-Mobile USA and Vodafone. Of course, you can always overcome this hurdle by picking up “baked” ROMs, but woe […]