HTC Mozart Will Be Getting Windows Phone 7.8 Update Towards The End Of February/March

We’re sure that first-gen Windows Phone owners are a bit bummed that their phones won’t be updated to Windows Phone 8, but rather Windows Phone 7.8 instead, but then it’s better than nothing, right? Anyway according to a post by HTC (via, it seems that the company’s first-gen Windows Phone, the HTC Mozart, will actually be receiving the Windows Phone 7.8 update towards the end of February or early […]

Telstra HTC HD7 and Mozart to receive Mango update

Telstra has just announced that their HD7 and Mozart smartphones from HTC will be on the receiving end of the Windows Phone Mango update, although owners of the HTC Desire (strange to see how a high end phone becomes obsolete in slightly more than a year – the feeling is surreal) will cringe to hear that there will be no custom Gingerbread update – guess Froyo is as good as […]

HTC Mozart set to receive mysterious firmware update

The Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Mozart might be on track to receive a mysterious firmware update, according to the screenshot that you see above which we snagged from WMPoweruser. No idea on what the code brings to the phone though, and one can only make the assumption that non-carrier-branded models will be the first to get it – although a little bit of confirmation would be nice. The screenshot above […]

HTC Mozart specifications unveiled

Windows Phone 7 is being primed for a release, so it makes perfect sense that more and more Windows Phone 7-powered smartphones are being leaked out at the moment. The HTC Mozart has been a pretty long running saga to date, and good thing we now know more about this smartphone thanks to a specifications leak. Powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 processor, it will be accompanied by a […]


HTC Mondrian has identity crisis with leaked images

We wish that manufacturers would just come up with a single name for their upcoming device to reduce the chances of any confusion, but that is not the case with the HTC Mondrian that is otherwise known as the HTC Mozart. Bearing the honor of being one of the first Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC, it seems that the new leaked images will feature a slate form factor with […]