HTC Rezound unboxed

If you’re keen on getting your hands on a HTC Rezound and you can’t wait until the 14th to pick it up, you can always feast your eyes by watching some videos in the meantime. The folks over at Wirefly have been kind enough to post up an unboxing video of the upcoming powerhouse Android phone on Verizon, and give us a glimpse of what the phone will be sold […]

HTC Rezound officially announced

After all the leaks we’ve been reporting on over the past few months, the HTC Rezound has now been officially launched. At the HTC event today, in NYC, HTC and Verizon announced the HTC Rezound – the only phone in the US with Beats Audio integration (at least for now). And judging by the press release it looks like all the previous information that was reported before was on the […]

HTC Rezound official press shots leaked

We’re all expecting the HTC Rezound to be announced today, but you won’t have to wait until this evening’s event to see the official pictures of the upcoming phone. The press shots of the HTC Rezound have leaked ahead of schedule and we finally get a good clear look at what the phone will be like from front, side, and back. The high-end Android device looks pretty sweet, especially with […]

HTC Rezound spotted in Verizon ad

The HTC Rezound has been leaked a bit over the past few months, and now it looks like the phone is about to make its official appearance. The HTC Rezound has been spotted on ads placed at Verizon stores. The phone looks just like it did in the previously leaked renders, though instead of the HTC Sense screen we usually see, we’re treated to the face of Joe Jonas instead. […]


HTC Rezound renders spotted

Remember the HTC Rezound (formerly known as the HTC Vigor/Incredible HD) that was spotted in the wild last month? Well some new renders of the phone has been spotted online in some case shots, giving us a clearer look at its design. It still doesn’t break away from the current “traditional” HTC design but it does have a feature that makes it stand out from other phones available – sweet-looking […]

HTC Vigor caught in the wild

The HTC Vigor that’s been rumored to be renamed the DROID Incredible HD, and recently the Rezound, has just been spotted in the flesh. And judging by the photographs of the phone’s “About” screen, it looks like we have confirmation of the phone’s 720p HD display – assuming that the photograph wasn’t doctored in the first place. Overall the phone looks just like any HTC phone, and it looks like […]

HTC Vigor to be renamed DROID Incredible HD?

An interesting looking document claimed to be the spec sheet for the upcoming HD display phone, the HTC Vigor, has surfaced recently giving us some interesting details about the phone. While there’s no way to verify if it’s real or fake, it does give us something to ponder upon. According to the document, the HTC Vigor will be rebranded as the DROID Incredible HD and released on October 13th by […]

HTC Vigor spotted in the wild

The mysterious Android phone with a 720p resolution display known as the HTC Vigor has finally made an appearance in the flesh. The folks over at Droid-Life managed to get their hands on some photographs showing the device in the flesh, and true to Mr. Blurrycam’s photo-taking skills, the device looks pretty blur – but it is sharp enough for us to make out the details on it. Judging by […]

HTC Vigor to be the world’s first 720p display phone?

It looks like Samsung isn’t the one with a high-resolution device in the works. HTC seems to have its own high-res phone up its sleeves as well, and an impressive one at that. The Taiwanese company is said to be releasing the world’s first phone that features a 720p resolution. Called the HTC Vigor, this top-of-the-line Android phone still remains unannounced, but recent benchmark scores and leaked specs tell us […]