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Genius Wireless LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser now on sale
Folks looking for a keyboard to control their Home Theater PC (HTPC) can do no wrong with Genius‘ latest offering. Called the LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser, this keyboard, remote control and mouse combo works wirelessly to control your Windows Media Center PC system.It features 34 hotkeys you can use to customize to your favorite functions/channels etc, while its remote control can be used to control your TV, DVD player, or […]

MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard Mouse
So you have a HTPC (Home Theater PC) set up in your living room, and intend to have the best peripherals work for you – in the most comfortable manner, at least. Enter the MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard Mouse, where this palm-sized device comprises of a 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard that requires batteries and a free USB port to function. You won’t find a trackball here though, as it […]

Veho Mimi: the keyboard/gamepad/mouse hybrid
Veho has just released a new hybrid controller that will cause most people to drop their jaws to the floor the first time you show it to them. If you ever needed the definition of “all-in-one”, this “controller” would describe it perfectly. Called the Mimi, this massive hunk of plastic gives you everything you could ever ask for when it comes to controlling your computer. A gamepad for those arcade […]

IOGear GKM571R HTPC keyboard
For folks who have a HTPC (Home Theater PC) configuration running in their living rooms, chances are pretty good you have a wireless keyboard of sorts to help you navigate the machine and type in commands of your choice. The rather diminutive IOGear GKM571R comes in a boxy shape, talking wirelessly to your HTPC via the 2.4GHz spectrum and comes complete with auto on/off back-lighting, a decent-sized trackball (so that […]


Shuttle X350 might be slim but is no performance pushover
The Shuttle X350 has been sent to the fat house, resulting in a form factor that is 33% the size of its predecessor at a mere 38.5mm thin. This slim design will certainly jive with many modern homes these days, especially those who want to maximize their living space in increasingly cramped conditions. You can easily mount it behind a flat screen TV or monitor, and since it has a […]

Okoro Media Systems throw in iPads into HTPC systems
The iPad which took the world by storm now has another platform to make its debut, thanks to the promotional efforts of Okoro Media who decided to bundle iPads with their high-end HTPC systems, alongside a custom app that lets you enjoy multi-room audio management, Internet radio access, and Windows Media Center control in a supposedly easier manner than ever before. There is no mention on whether the iPad itself […]

ASRock Vision 3D HTPC is shaping up nicely
The ASRock Vision 3D HTPC might look rather diminutive in size, but don’t be fooled by its glossy aluminum exterior for within it lies an Intel Core mobile processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GPU that is capable of supporting 3D Vision graphics, although that would mean getting a compatible pair of 3D glasses to be able to enjoy whatever it is being shown. Nice to see ASRock keep up with […]

AVA Media ixVL media centre spotted
The AVA Media ixVL media centre that you see here does have enough processing muscle to handle all your living room entertainment needs – assuming they aren’t all too demanding, that is. Shipping with a choice between an i3 or i5 processor, you will get a nifty looking slot-loading CD/DVD drive (with the option to throw in Blu-ray playback capability assuming you have the additional dough to spare), integrated IPTV […]

Tranquil PC T7-MP2 runs on NVIDIA ION and needs no fan
Tranquil PC’s T7-MP2 hails from the UK, where it will be powered by an Intel Atom D510 dual core processor as well as NVIDIA ION graphics to get you started right out of the box, boasting its ability to handle High Definition video without missing a beat. You get HDMI, DVI, and VGA video outputs, and SPDIF and analog audio outputs that ought to be enough for the average home […]

DIY Nintendo Home Theater PC
Can’t decide what to do with your aging NES system at home? If you’re not using it to play those nostalgic games anymore, you could always attempt to transform it into a home theater PC (HTPC), which is what this person on Etsy has done. This mod sees a Zotac motherboard, dual-core 1.66GHz Intel Atom N330, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and 2GB RAM stuffed into the original NES casing, making it […]

HIS Radeon HD 5550 Low Profile Graphics Card
Folks who are looking to build a new HTPC will want to take note that HIS is gearing up to launch another low-profile graphics card in the form of the Radeon HD 5550. The fact that this card is passively-cooled should help to keep noise levels low for your audio enjoyment. This card integrates a 40nm Redwood GPU, 400 Stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, 500MHz core clock, 1GB DDR2 VRAM […]

Apple updates Apple TV to version 3.0.2
Looks like Apple has updated their Apple TV to version 3.0.2 without much fanfare, and this update does seem to be somewhat related to the Aperture 3.0’s release, where the latter enables the way software shares images over the local network. Apart from that, this update seemed to have magically fixed long standing problems that are related to switching its HDMI output cable, while minor tweaks involving its user interface […]

Valore ION330 nettop announced
Valore’s latest nettop, the ION330 is an easy one for those who subscribe to Sherlock Holmes’ deductive reasoning, as they can tell that this model will run on an Intel Atom 330 processor, coupled with NVIDIA’s ION chipset accompanied by 4GB RAM, half a dozen USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI connectivity, a 320GB hard drive as well as a Blu-ray drive to get you started on […]

Luxury green HTPC
Great – first we have computers that are bundled under the HTPC category, then we move on to a green HTPC and given enough time, someone has to come up with a luxury green HTPC. That’s exactly what Seoul-based Green designer, Design Hara, came up with – a luxury green HTPC that has a recyclable chassis, handcrafted cypress wood or rose wood side panels and a front cover courtesy of […]