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Huawei MateBook X Pro Review (i7-1165G7 16GB+1TB)
The Ultralight laptop market is a crowded but also highly lucrative segment that usually makes the headlines because these laptops end up being popular productivity workhorses if you can afford them. The Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, with Intel 11th generation CPU, has advantages that competitors should not underestimate.Specifications overviewThe review unit we’re testing is a MateBook X Pro with an Intel Core i7-1165G7, a high-powered model. The configuration options […]

Huawei MateBook X Pro Now On Sale In The U.S.
Huawei made its entry into the clamshell laptop business not too long ago and the company launched a brand new model at the Mobile World Congress 2018 back in February. The new laptop, called the Huawei MateBook X Pro, has been designed to compete with the best of the pack in the high-end ultra-thin segment. Those who have been waiting to pick one up will be delighted to know that […]

Huawei MateBook E Carries Original MateBook's Legacy
Just announced, the Huawei MateBook E is the follow-on model to the original Huawei MateBook which we reviewed last year. The new model features a more powerful processor Core i5 option, and more importantly: a completely redesigned keyboard.

Huawei MateBook X: Huawei’s First Thin & Light Clamshell PC
When Huawei entered the PC market last year with the Huawei MateBook, it was easy to think that Huawei only wanted to extend its tablet efforts into the Windows platform, but the MateBook X (and the MateBook D) clearly show that Huawei intends to push its reach much further. The MateBook X is a 13” clamshell laptop that weighs only 2.31 Lbs (!).


Huawei May Unveil New Matebook On May 23rd
It has been a while since Huawei came out with new MateBook models and it appears that the company is going to do that in the near future. Rumors suggest that the company might have a series of notebooks and 2-in-1s in the pipeline. The company has said that it’s going to conduct an announcement on May 23rd and that’s when it’s likely going to announce them officially.

Three Huawei MateBook Models With Kaby Lake Processors Expected
The MateBook is a slim and lightweight Windows 10-powered tablet that Huawei launched back at the Mobile World Congress last year. It didn’t follow up with a successor at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona a couple of months back but that doesn’t mean Huawei has given up on this product. A new leak reveals that Huawei has three MateBook models in the pipeline and that they may be powered by […]

Huawei MateBook Review
Huawei’s entry in the notebook market has been a surprise for many PC industry actors, and the ultralight form-factor chosen by Huawei made a very good impression when it was presented for the first time. It even took some wind out of Samsung which previously impressed with its own ultralight named TabPro S.We’ve spend time with the Huawei Matebook and this review will go over the design, strong and weak […]

Huawei MateBook Goes On Sale In The U.S.
If you’re in the market for a new laptop and tablet hybrid perhaps you might want to take a look at what Huawei is offering. The Chinese conglomerate unveiled the Huawei MateBook earlier this year and just last month it confirmed when this product will be sold in the United States. That day is today, the Huawei MateBook is now available for purchase in the U.S. Huawei claims that the […]

Huawei MateBook U.S. Release Date Confirmed
Huawei is bringing its Microsoft Surface competitor to the United States next month. The company has confirmed the release date for its MateBook, it was first unveiled earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress. The 12 inch laptop and tablet hybrid device is claimed by the company to be the lightest 12 inch tablet on the market. Even though it’s a tablet, it can be considered the first laptop […]