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Huawei P9 Nougat Global Release Expected This Month
There are quite a lot of premium handsets still remaining that have yet to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Take a look at Samsung, for example, which has not yet released Nougat for the Galaxy S6 series and the Galaxy Note 7. It has been a similar story for Huawei users who are still waiting for Nougat on the Huawei P9. A leaked beta of Nougat for the P9 […]

Huawei P9 And P9 Plus Shipments Cross 10 Million
Huawei is one of the fastest-growing smartphone vendors and it’s a fact that the company does not want you to forget. Huawei has sent out a press release today announcing that the P9 and P9 Plus shipments have crossed 10 million units globally. This makes the P9 Huawei’s first flagship series to cross the 10 million mark. Huawei says that this is a major milestone for it from both a […]

Huawei P9 Review
The Huawei P9 is the tip of the spear of the Huawei smartphone lineup. Designed with the latest technologies that Huawei can field to the market, the P9 has a thin and light design, an innovative dual-camera setup in the back and a fast Kirin 950 chip from HiSilicon. With a rising worldwide market share, and an equally rising brand recognition, how far this the Huawei P9 handset pushes the envelope? Let’s […]

Huawei P9 Teardown Reveals Flex Cable
One of Huawei’s latest smartphones, the Huawei P9, has just been torn down, and it certainly looks as though the results are rather interesting. It seems that Huawei has done a whole lot of work in terms of throwing in two cameras underneath the hood, thanks to a pair of Leica-certified modules that boast of a similar resolution count. This particular handset basically comes with two 12MP units that have […]


Huawei P9 And P9 Plus Announced, Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera
Huawei’s upcoming flagship has been leaked a lot over the past few weeks and today the company formally unveiled it at its event in London. The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are official now, they have a 5.2 inch and 5.5 inch full HD 1080p display respectively with a dual camera set up from Leica.

Huawei P9 Shows Off Kirin 955 SoC In GFXBench Test
The Huawei P9 has yet to be released to the masses, which means that there will continue to be more and more leaks concerning the handset until all is revealed in due time – which should be a couple of days away in a Huawei media event. Basically, it seems that the GFXBench site has shown that a Huawei P9 went through its doors recently, where it will run on […]

Huawei P9 Images Leaked
Yes, we have heard much about the yet-unreleased Huawei P9, and it does seem as though the smartphone will be a hit when it arrives, especially when it comes with variants like the Huawei P9 ‘Lite’ as well. This particular handset is said to arrive with dual cameras at the back, and I suppose all that we need to do is to sit back and relax while we wait for […]

Huawei P9 'Lite' Leaked Ahead Of Launch
There has been a lot of buzz recently around Huawei’s new flagship phone, even the company president was spotted with the new phone in hand, and now we’re all looking forward to the April 6th launch event in London to find out what Huawei has in store for us. It looks like the company might unveil not one but two new handsets and one of them, the Huawei P9 “Lite,” […]

Huawei P9 With Dual Camera Teased
Huawei, the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, does not look as though they are about to slow down anytime soon in terms of delivering products to the market, and the next device that is set to be introduced would be known as the Huawei P9. This is one handset that is touted for an April 6th release, and it looks like an image of the dual cameras in […]

Huawei P9 All Set For April 6 Reveal
Huawei, the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, did not manage to arrive at such a lofty position in the market by releasing sub-par devices. No sir, in fact, they have have come up with some more than decent smartphones, with the Nexus 6P being one of them. It looks like there is a new flagship device that is all set and prepared for a general release this coming […]

Huawei P9 Set To Launch In Berlin Next Week
Much has been said – and in more recent times, seen, of the Huawei P9 that is all set to be revealed in due time. In fact, it looks like the smartphone manufacturer from China is well on its way to hosting an event in Berlin, Germany, some time next week. If one were to be exact, then March 9th would be the date – which is a no brainer […]

Huawei P9 Live Images Spotted
It was just yesterday that we brought you word on a leaked image of an alleged Huawei P9 metal frame, and it is certainly nice to know that the real deal is now shown off in the flesh, albeit unofficially still. Basically, the model that you see here in addition to its gallery right after the jump is the alleged Huawei P9, where it carries the code name Eva. It […]

Alleged Huawei P9 Metal Frame Leaked
Much has been said about the yet unreleased Huawei P9, where we have compiled all of the flying rumors into a concise and precise post that would deal with anything and everything Huawei P9. Of course, this would also include whispers of a dual camera setup that does seem to be a possible trend in high end smartphones of the future, but we will see about that. Huawei continues to […]

Huawei P9: Release Date, Price & Features
If we were to look back say 4-5 years ago, Huawei might be a brand that most of you guys may not have heard of, or at least associate with those mobile internet dongles that you can purchase from carriers.Fast forward to today, Huawei is starting to make a name for themselves in the smartphone market, and last we heard, the company was the world’s number 3 smartphone vendor. This […]