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AOL AIM Gets Updated
A New version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) has just been released on the web (, desktop (PC/Mac) and mobile phones.  It features significant changes in the user interface. First, the contact list is not that long and monolithic anymore. Instead, the most recent contacts appear first, favorites come next, then group chats and the whole list. The web version has practically all the features of the desktop one, so […]

Zlango: Instant Visual Messaging for Personalized Real-Time Communication
The “Real Time Web” has been THE trendy topic of the past two years among the emerging technology aficionados, recently shifting to the obscure “SoLoMo” acronym (aka Social Location Mobile), thanks to the rise of Google Android, Skype mobile, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.Instant Messaging is an “old” technology (going back to the sixties in its archaic form), that became popular in the nineties as a consequence of the emergence of […]

Google Disco updated to 2.0
Google’s group messaging app, Disco is something that not many people have heard about in their lives, despite the app being around for awhile. And today, Google has released an updated version of the cross-platform messenger with some useful new features, such as Push notifications and sending messages over data, with real-time chats.With those features already have available in other apps, Google needs to push the app hard and get […]

Skype for Windows updated: improves video call quality to mobile devices
Skype for Windows has just received an update to version 5.3. This new version of the VoIP/IM software fixes a number of bugs and issues, and also improves the video call quality to mobile devices. Folks who have been troubled by the sub-par video quality when chatting to people on phones or tablets will appreciate the update. New features of 5.3 include: improved video handling when auto-answer is enabled, UI […]


Skype is Down
We noticed that Skype is down, and according to the real-time chatter on the web, we’re definitely not the only ones. If you can’t use Skype – you’re not alone!  Skype is indeed working to resolve the situation, according to a recent (official) Twitter message.“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations”, says Skype.In the meantime, […]

TextOne V2: Open Protocol IM for iPhone
ProcessOne is launching its new version of its iPhone application TextOne, that allows users to chat and send messages from their phones for free ($0.99/€0.79 flat fee or free ad supported app), like most mobile IM apps. The version 2.0 allows users to chat with their GTalk contacts and is now able to find friends on Facebook. The cool new feature is the integration of e-mails directly into the instant messaging conversations, […]

Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD now available
ZuneHD owners, listen up! It seems that Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD is now available, albeit for selected users only. This software is a full-featured version, so you don’t have to worry about getting something gimped while lacking any essential features. It will support the Messenger friends list as well as chat, in addition to a social feed which is similar to the desktop client. Of course, it would […]

File transfer now available in Google Chat
Google has finally made file transfer available in Google Chat, letting you transfer photos, documents and perhaps even small video files, although we are pretty sure that there is a file size cap attached to it as well. Apart from that, web users gain the ability to exchange files with other users of Google Talk without any problem at all. Of course, the most optimal of it all would be […]

Digsby To Launch Twitter Desktop Client
[DEMOFall 09] Another day and another Twitter dashboard… dotSyntax the company behind Digsby, the popular IM and social networking aggregator, claims that it delivers the best Twitter experience, presenting the data in a conversation format while the competition is still stuck with the “Timeline” interface. Digsby allows users to filter out tweets coming from unimportant sources and it includes a variety of features such as the ability to ‘reply’ and […]