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New Samsung slider rumored for AT&T
Samsung seems to be pretty fond of Android sliders recently. After having one of its devices spotted as an unnamed slider device headed for Boost Mobile recently, the Korean OEM seems to have another slider up its sleeve, assuming what the folks over at BGR have reported is true. The blog recently got their hands on a phone render which is touted to be Samsung’s upcoming Android phone for AT&T.The […]

Motorola Droid Bionic images leaked?
Want to know what the Motorola Droid Bionic looks like right now? Thanks to Amazon, images of the phone have surfaced on the internet. We’re uncertain if it was a mistake or intentional when Amazon put up the Motorola Droid Bionic accessories for sale on the website, but it clears up all speculation to what the device will look like when is released. Considering how secretive the Droid Bionic Twitter […]

HTC ChaCha spotted with AT&T logo
Just last week the HTC ChaCha was spotted at the FCC with approval for GSM 850, 1900, and WCDMA II and V bands: radios that suggested the phone was headed towards AT&T’s network. Recently, the folks over at managed to get their hands on a press shot of the phone, and it now features an AT&T logo, confirming its arrival on the carrier.Compared to the original press shot of […]

HTC Kingdom leaked in press shot
The HTC Kingdom has been leaked in a press shot, and previous rumors about the Kingdom being a code name for the HTC EVO 3D has now been debunked. The HTC Kingdom is not the EVO 3D but another HTC phone instead.The Kingdom runs on a Qualcomm MSM7630 1.2 GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, a 4″ qHD display, a 5megapixel rear camera, a 1.3megapixel front facing camera, and CDMA world […]


Sprint Motorola Xoom pictured
It looks like rumors about the Motorola Xoom (don’t miss our Xoom Review) Android tablet coming to Sprint are more truth than fiction. An image of the upcoming tablet has surfaced online – it basically looks like the current Motorola Xoom, but instead of Verizon’s logo adorning the top right corner of the device, we have Sprint’s logo instead. Other than that, no more details have surfaced, but according to […]

iPhone 5 shape suggested by leaked case renders
An image of some case renders for the upcoming iPhone has surfaced online, and it looks like the iPhone 5 will have a shape similar to the iPhone 4. The renders of the case look just like any other regular iPhone 4 case except that there’s a slot in the case now that goes over where the SIM card is stored on the iPhone 4. This has led to speculations […]

iPhone 5 engineering diagrams surface
If the latest leaks turn out to be true, the iPhone 5 will look pretty much just like the iPhone 4. The folks over at iDeaslChina have leaked online what is supposed to be engineering diagrams for the iPhone 5. The engineering diagrams are images sent to case designers to produce sleeves and cases for the upcoming iPhone. As you can see from the images, it looks just like the […]

Software to tell us if an image has been photoshopped
A scientist from Dartmouth College, Hany Farid, has been developing digital forensics software that can tell if a digital photograph has been manipulated with Adobe Photoshop- the world’s most popular image editing software. The forensics software can identify if an image has been tampered with by checking its properties against a database of every digital camera ever made. The software then detects if there are any variations in the signature […]