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AT&T and China Telecom announce deal to share infrastructure
It looks like China Telecom is making good on its plans to enter the US market. Earlier this month we reported that the largest carrier in China had its eyes on entering the US market. Their initial plan was to provide services to Chinese Americans and tourists with a line that works in the US, and another line that will work in China. Now it appears that China Telecom has […]

Alipay to take PayPal on with cross-border transactions
As far as the rest of the world is concerned, PayPal is one of the leading solutions for conducting internet transactions, whose services can be more commonly found on websites such as eBay, but now it looks like it could be facing a new competitor in the form of Alipay, which is China’s answer to PayPal.

Siri support for international maps and searches coming in 2012
When the iPhone 4S was announced, while the hardware specs may not have blown every away, what did capture everyone’s attention and has been the talk of the town is Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Based on the demonstration given during the announcement, Siri lets users do searches, book restaurants, set reminders, etc and is one of the features boasted on Apple’s iPhone website.

iPad 2 international prices announced
The iPad 2 ships out to the rest of the world (25 other countries) starting tomorrow and Apple has decided to reveal the prices for the tablet in most of the countries where it will be sold. Most countries in the Eurozone will have the same prices – WiFi-only models cost €479 for 16GB, €579 for 32GB, and €679 for 64GB; 3G  costs an additional €120. In the UK, the […]


T-Mobile To Unveil International Text And Calling Plans On Dec 8
If you regularly keep in touch with friends and family overseas, the good news is that a leaked memo shows that T-Mobile is planning to introduce a new low-cost international text and calling plan in time for the holidays. If the memo is accurate, the new plan allows users to send unlimited text messages to cell phones in over 220 countries and call landline phones in 56 countries without having […]

Apple iPad International Launch Delayed
Given the successful launch of Apple’s iPad, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to hear that the fruity company is having trouble keeping up with demand, which is good news in a way. Aside from the existing Wi-Fi models, Apple is also trying to handle the large number of pre-orders for the 3G models, which should be reaching consumers in the U.S. by the end of the month. This […]

iPad To Be Available Internationally On April 24th?
While folks in the U.S. will be getting the iPad pretty soon, what about those who live in other countries? There still isn’t any official date where the iPad will be available internationally just yet, but Apple had previously mentioned that the iPad will be available internationally in late April. Now, according to the latest leak, it seems that April 24th has been marked as a blackout period for staff, […]

Amazon Kindle DX To Go International
Amazon’s popular Kindle has already gone International, and now it seems that the Kindle DX will be following in its older brother’s footsteps, and will be available internationally. The international edition of its 9.7-inch Kindle DX will start shipping on January 19th and will cost $490, which certainly isn’t cheap. One of the downsides of the international version is the smaller catalog than is available in the US, and the […]