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iOS 6.1.3 Released To Fix Passcode Security Vulnerability
An exploit allowing anyone to easily bypass the passcode lock on an iOS device running iOS 6.1 was discovered last month, with Apple promising to fix it in an upcoming iOS release.  The iOS 6.1.3 beta introduced a fix for the passcode security exploit, and today, iOS 6.1.3 is out of beta and is now available for you passcode lock-using iOS owners who would rather not allow anyone access to your device.iOS […]

Apple Plans To Fix iOS 6.1 Passcode Lock Bypass Exploit
A flaw in the passcode lock in iOS 6.1 was revealed yesterday that allowed anyone to bypass it with very little effort in order to access the owner’s phone application to view voicemails, contact information and place calls. As a result, Apple has announced it is currently working on a fix that would help make its passcode lock feature function the way it should.In a statement to CNET, Apple says […]

Apple Rushing Release Of iOS 6.1.1 To Address iPhone Battery Issues [Update]
It seems Vodafone’s recent advice to its users to not update their iPhones to iOS 6.1 caught the attention of Apple as it’s being reported the company is expediting a fix to correct the issues iOS users have been having with the latest version of the OS.iOS 6.1.1 is expected to fix the battery issues iOS users have been experiencing as well as the poor 3G performance Vodafone mentioned in […]

Vodafone Advises iPhone Users To Not Update To iOS 6.1
Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28 without seeing a gold master (GM) version to developers prior to its launch, which is very unlike Apple if you follow their iOS release schedule. Sure – iOS 6 was downloaded by an alleged record number of iOS users, but Apple’s haste may have worked against them this time as a major mobile carrier is advising its users against updating to iOS 6.1.Vodafone, […]


iPhone 5, iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Now Available For Windows, Mac & Linux
If you read our story this morning reporting on the upcoming availability of the iPhone 5’s first untethered jailbreak and have been sitting at your computer for the past nine hours waiting for the jailbreak to be released, that sitting around has paid off as planetbeing has just announced its availability.Linux, Mac and Windows users will all be able to benefit from the glory of the evaders’ evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak as […]

iOS 6.1 Downloaded By Over 21 Percent Of iOS Users In 3 Days
Apple released iOS 6.1 on Monday without any warning as they tend to release a Golden Master (GM) version of their upcoming iOS releases to developers before they make it available to the public. iOS 6.1 came with a few enhancements such as support for additional LTE carriers and being able to purchase movie tickets from Fandango while using Siri. And yet, a ton of iOS owners flocked to update their […]

iOS 6.1 Released With Additional 4G LTE Support And More
The road to a stable iOS release is never a quick one as Apple released iOS 6.1 beta 5 just late last week, and has uncharacteristically released iOS 6.1 without a seeding a GM version to developers. Either way, iOS 6.1 is here and offers a number of note-worthy improvements over iOS 6.One of the most notable improvements is 4G LTE support for more carriers, 36 additional iPhone and 23 […]

iOS 6.0.2 Causing iPhone 5, iPad Mini Battery To Rapidly Drain
Apple released an update to iOS 6 geared directly towards the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini as both devices seem to have had issues with their Wi-Fi, or at least enough users reported an issue to warrant Apple release an update. But it seems just two days later, users are reporting the batteries on their iPhone 5 and iPad Mini have been draining more rapidly than before.Searching for the term […]

Apple Releases iOS 6.1 Beta 4 To Developers
Apple’s next update to its iOS 6, which we all should know by now was used to debut a new Maps application which made us all appreciate Google Maps that much more, is getting closer as iOS 6.1 beta 4 was released to developers earlier today.iOS 6.1 beta 4 contains the typical vague “bug fixes and improvements,” but when iOS 6.1 is released in the coming weeks, users can expect improvements to […]

Siri could help purchase movie tickets in iOS 6.1
It’s been a few days since Apple released iOS 6.0.1 to the masses, but what sort of features and changes can we expect in iOS 6.1, especially with Scott Forstall’s leave from Apple? Well while it remains to be seen, it looks like Siri will be gaining a bit more functionality and according to the folks at 9to5 Mac, it seems that Siri will allow iOS users to purchase movie […]