Regen Reverb solar-powered iPod dock

iPod docks are dime a dozen, but how many of them are actually green and good for the environment? The Reverb solar-powered iPod dock from Regen is one of them, where it is capable of offering up to a dozen hours of continuous playback on a full charge. Charging is much slower compared to plugging it into a power outlet of course, where it will take 20 hours of outdoor […]

iLuv iMM183 ships

It has taken a few months after the original unveiling to ship the $150 iLuv iMM183, where this clock radio is well capable of charging (and offer playback of) up to two iPhones or iPods simultaneously. While this isn’t exactly something new in the market, the clock radio is also full well capable of letting you know of current weather conditions outside as well as in the near future thanks […]

Pure Siesta iDock

An iPod dock a day keeps boredom at home away – at least that’s how the situation looks like for this specific market niche. The Pure Siesta iDock is exactly what it implies – a stereo DAB/ DAB+/ FM clock radio complete with an iPod and iPhone dock. You can now relax during your moments of siesta in the afternoons by enjoying your favorite music tunes on this with your […]

Sharp DKAP7 Docking Station

Sharp has unveiled its DKAP7 docking station for folks living in the UK, where you can choose from Black/White, Black/Silver and Black/Red color combinations. This 2.1-channel portable speaker system will feature a built-in subwoofer incorporating HDSS technology to get you started, and is compatible with iPods up to the fourth generation, juicing them up whenever they’re docked as well. The inclusion of an aux-in jack helps you hook up the […]


Pioneer soundbar and iPod docks on their way

Pioneer made it known at CEDIA that they will be releasing a new soundbar as well as iPod docks sometime later this year, where the XW models will come with 2.1-surround sound, 60W output and Bluetooth connectivity crammed into a single unit. As for the more updated XW-NAS5, you can opt for many different colors to suit your taste, where it will also come with an integrated radio and a […]

Sharp DK-AP8P and DK-AP7P iPod speakers

Sharp has joined the iPod speaker fun with the DK-AP8P and the DK-AP7P, where the former is arguably the stronger of the two, featuring a special front face plate design that also functions as its control panel. The magnetic cover can be removed from the system to turn into an impromptu remote control. Shared features among the two include 2.1 sound with built-in subwoofers, compatibility with a wide range of […]

iPort IW-2 Series in-wall iPod dock

The iPort IW-2 Series will be the first in-wall iPod dock in the market that allows you to stream audio from your favorite portable media player the moment you walk through the door of your home. All you need to do is remove the earbuds and place the iPod onto the dock which has already been mounted to the wall, and you’re good to listen to your favorite songs while […]

iHome iP1 Speaker System

iHome’s latest iPod/iPhone dock is the iP1 Speaker System, where it boasts of having the advantage of sound from Bongiovi Acoustics as well as a killer design. The iP1 ist the first Studio Series from iHome, and it will rely on Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology that uses a processor to actively scan recorded material and compensate for any deficiencies across the audio frequency spectrum. This means the songs […]

Onkyo ND-S1 iPod dock

Onkyo is late to the game, having released its first iPod dock in the form of the ND-S1. This model is able to hook up to home theater systems courtesy of its digital optical and coaxial audio outputs or composite audio and video outputs. Other features include synchronization with Macs and Windows computers via USB, a remote control for couch potatoes and support for 16-bit audio playback at up to […]

JVC NX-TC5 iPod Dock

JVC’s latest iPod dock would be the NX-TC5, where it comes with something totally different compared to the numerous other iPod docks in the market as the 4.3″ motion-activated LCD display is able to be moved to suit your viewing angle. While that is definitely a first for iPod docks available, the NX-TC5 isn’t perfect either as video playback on this puppy is limited to the integrated 1Seg digital TV […]

Einstein Sound Master Photon Ball iPod Dock

How many iPod docks are able to make you sound much smarter than you are? The Einstein Sound Master Photon Ball iPod Dock is certainly one of them, but when you realize that the final product is nothing more than a fancy electro-static orb attached to a dock, you’ll realize that the real Einstein are the folks behind this who are now $34.99 for your foolishness. Well, at least the […]

Sony NAS-Z200iR iPod Dock

Sony is back with a brand new iPod dock in the form of the NAS-Z200iR which functions pretty much the same as with other iPod docks, featuring an integrated FM radio, a CD player alongside Wi-Fi connectivity for greater musical options sans wires, DLNA streaming and a remote control that is equipped with a 3.5″ LCD display for easier navigation. You can also use the USB port to hook up […]

iLuv Alarm Clock iPod Dock

iLuv has released its latest alarm clock iPod dock that is touted to wake up even the deepest sleepers. Known as the iMM153, it will be equipped with a bed shaker that will include a buzzer, a radio station or music preloaded via users’ iPhones and iPods. The LCD display comes with 10 dimmer settings (that’s a fair bit come to think about it) alongside a 3.5mm aux input jack. […]

Sonoro Eklipse Gets iPod Dock

iPod docks seem to have slowed down in terms of releases, but Sonoro bucks the trend with the Eklipse that will not only cater for your collection of CDs, it also comes with an integrated AM/FM radio just in case you’re sick and tired of your MP3 collection on the iPod and want to try more random tunes from the local jocks on the local airwaves. Well, as with most […]