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iTunes 11.0.3 Released With MiniPlayer Enhancements And More
iTunes 11.0.3 for Windows and Mac is now available for download. It brings performance enhancements and a host of new features.

Download Later Option Added To iOS 6 And iTunes 11
New download options were recently added to iTunes 11 and iOS 6. Customers that use the iTunes Store for purchasing content now have the option to save their movies or music so that they can be downloaded later. This feature is pretty simple, on the face of it, but a very useful one. Though it should be kept in mind that this particular feature is only available in the countries where […]

iTunes 11 Now Available For Download
The rumors were spot on. Following the string of rumors surrounding iTunes 11, we are now looking at the latest official version of Apple’s library application which can now be downloaded into your device. Touted by Apple, iTunes 11 brings a completely redesigned player, a remodeled store, and more iCloud capabilities. The first element that stands out is its expanded view. Albums will now expand when they are selected. This […]

Apple's iTunes 11 could be released as soon as today [Rumor]
Last week we reported that iTunes 11 could be launching in a few days’ time, and it looks like that could be the case and if the folks at the Wall Street Journal have it right, iTunes 11 could be launching as soon as today. As some of you guys remember, iTunes 11 was expected to be launched towards the end of October, but due to delays, Apple pushed the […]


iTunes 11 to be released in the next few days?
The next iteration of iTunes, iTunes 11, is expected to be a major revamp but unfortunately the launch of iTunes 11 has been delayed. No specific date was given for its release apart from a November time frame, although if the reports are to be believed, it looks like we can expect to see iTunes 11 go up for download in the next few days. According to reports, it seems […]

Apple Misses Announced Deadline for iTunes 11
An update to iTunes normally isn’t the most exciting news, but iTunes 11 promises to be the biggest update to Apple’s content engine in years. And during Apple’s iPad Mini event, it was promised before the end of October; Apple was sure enough that they put a countdown on the iTunes page. Well, they’ve had to change plans–no, it wasn’t because of the Scott Forstall affair–and now iTunes 11 is […]

iTunes 11 could be unveiled today alongside the iPhone 5
If we were to buy into leaks, the best source is usually straight from the horse’s mouth and it looks like Apple’s very own search engine is chock full of information that they have yet to announce. Earlier we reported that the iPhone 5 name was more or less confirmed, and now it seems that we can expect iTunes 11 to be launched alongside the next-gen iPhone and the iPod […]