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Aston Martin Releasing Iconic DB5 With Working Gadgets
The Aston Martin DB5 is an iconic car that will forever be associated with James Bond. The car has been immortalized in franchise films such as Goldfinger, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and most recently, Spectre. The car company has announced that it’s going to release the DB5 and that the car will be complete with working gadgets. It’s only going to offer a handful of units, though, so it’s going […]

Danny Boyle Confirms Involvement With New Bond Movie
For the longest time, there wasn’t clarity on whether Daniel Craig would return for another Bond movie. The actor had made some comments after the release of the last movie which suggested that he was done with the franchise. However, it has since been confirmed that he’s going to return for one more movie called Bond 25 and now reports that Danny Boyle could be attached to the project have […]

James Bond Film Rights Reportedly Being Sought By Apple And Amazon
James Bond is undoubtedly one of the biggest film franchises in the world. The iconic character has been played by some of the greatest actors to have ever graced the big screen and its run is far from over. Sony’s distribution rights deal for James Bond ended in 2015 after Spectre was released so the rights are now up from grabs. Hollywood power house Warner Bros. is reportedly interested in […]

Some Caribbean Plants Have Been Named After James Bond
What comes to mind when you hear the name James Bond? You get the mental image of a super slick spy dressed in an immaculately tailored tux taking out bad guys without breaking a sweat. You might not think of an ornithologist when you hear the name James Bond, and you can be forgiven for that, but it’s actually because of that ornithologist that some Caribbean plants have been named […]


Classic N64 Title GoldenEye 007 Remade With Unreal Engine 4
If you’re a gamer who’s also a James Bond fan, you might recall that back in the day on the N64 console system, there existed a title called GoldenEye 007, which fast forward to today has become something of a classic. It is also possibly one of the few video game-movie tie-ins that doesn’t actually suck.However safe to say that the game is very, very old meaning that by today’s […]

James Bond Doesn't Think Sony Smartphones Are Good Enough
Sony has had a long marketing partnership with the James Bond franchise, we’ve seen the super spy use Sony products in previous films but apparently the Japanese company met some resistance this time around. The latest flick titled Spectre is making waves this days and according to a new report Sony had offered $5 million to Daniel Craig, who plays Bond, to use the Xperia Z4 smartphone in the movie, […]

Sony Offered $5 Million To Promote Its Phones In James Bond
If you recall there was a scene in Daniel Craig’s second James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, where he takes out a Sony Xperia smartphone and snaps photos of the bad guys. It was a very clear and obvious product placement and apparently one that Sony wanted to continue in the next James Bond movie.So much so that according to the leaked Sony emails, the company had reportedly offered Daniel […]

New James Bond Rides Announced
When you talk about the superspy James Bond, whom everyone seems to know – and yet find him impossible to kill, you know for sure that there will be plenty of over the top action, not to mention gunfights, fist cuffs, beautiful women – and of course, new vehicles that are guaranteed to turn your eyes green with envy. Having said that, Jaguar Land Rover has already announced its line-up […]