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Jolicloud runs on Dell Inspiron Duo
A Dell Inspiron Duo was recently caught running the Jolicloud operating system, as this Linux-based OS that was originally meant for netbooks has been proven to run on a convertible tablet model as well. Of course, it goes without saying that the 1.5GHz Intel Atom dual core processor that runs proceedings from within are more than enough to keep things going at a pretty smooth rate, while its 10-inch, 1366 […]

Jolicloud 1.1 looked at in greater detail
The Jolicloud 1.1 will be the logical upgrade of Jolicloud 1.0, where it will feature components that will help improve battery life, system stability, supported hardware, and overall quality of the operating system. Not only that, it will be able to play nice with several exotic components such as Nvidia ION, Intel Poulsbo, and touchscreen displays, boasting enhanced support for the latest CPU hardware including the recently released Atom N550. […]

Jolicloud 1.1 is no longer a netbook exclusive
Jolicloud, the Linux-based operating system which is now in version 1.1, will no longer be limited to just netbooks, as it is now able to support a myriad of desktops, notebook, and tablet computers if you’re so inclined. Each installation of Jolicloud will come with the Google Chromium web browser (the open source development version of Chrome), alongside support for Adobe Flash. Not only that, it has a kind of […]

Jolicloud operating system targets netbooks
Jolicloud is a customized Linux-based operating system which was specially developed for netbooks, and it will run best on those that feature Intel’s Atom N270/N280 processors and GMA 950 graphics chipset – which pretty much covers the entire gamut of netbooks at the moment if you ask us. Too bad for those who are running on the Intel Atom Z series of processors though for the moment, although the next […]


Jolicloud Private Alpha Social Netbook OS Launched
Jolicloud has released a private alpha of its social netbook OS, and you’ll need an invitation code to download a copy for yourself. What is Jolicloud anyways? Well, it is in essence, a customized version of Ubuntu Linux which will narrow the gap between desktop and web apps, letting you run web apps side by side with your desktop applications, such as starting Twitter or Facebook just like how you […]