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Windows 7 Running On JooJoo Tablet
With the release of Apple’s iPad, the JooJoo tablet probably isn’t going to be the most exciting tablet device around. That doesn’t seem to stop folks out there who are keen to fiddle with it, though, as a video has surfaced of a user who managed to install Windows 7 into the tablet, using just the stock hardware (4GB SSD and 1GB of RAM). According to him, 720p movie playback […]

JooJoo Tablet Arrives And Gets Unboxed
It looks like amidst all the problems that the JooJoo Tablet is facing, legal or otherwise, it has still managed to get itself out of the door before Apple’s iPad hits, which is certainly good news for the JooJoo Tablet, since both of them cost about the same. The folks over at Engadget have managed to grab hold of a unit, and have posted a video (after the jump) going […]

JooJoo Tablet Gets A New User Interface And Color Before Launch
While the shipping delay for the JooJoo tablet isn’t ideal, some additional information has surfaced in the meantime, which should keep you going until March 25th. The most interesting deal is that the interface of the device has been updated, and you have to admit, it currently looks a lot nicer than the original interface. Aside from the user interface, another notable difference is color of the casing, which is […]

JooJoo Tablet Shipping Date Delayed to March 25
We published earlier this month that the JooJoo tablet (aka CrunchPad) will be shipping at the end of February. We have just received an email from the manufacturer representative stating that “due to a manufacturing delay, the company is now forecasting that JooJoo will be sent to consumers on March 25“. The device equipped with a 12.1″ inch capacitive display has already been available for pre-order for $499, which places […]


Joojoo tablet ready to ship this month
The Joojoo tablet (aka CrunchPad) looks set to hit the markets later at the end of this month, where it has already been available for pre-order for $499, which places it on par with Apple’s cheapest iPad. It would be interesting to see how the Joojoo will fare when it arrives, although fans of it claim that there is a better experience on hand thanks to its larger display, where […]