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Kensington’s StudioDock Is Perfect If You’ve Bought Into The Apple Ecosystem
If you’ve completely bought into the Apple ecosystem and own multiple Apple products like an iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, and more, then you might be interested in taking a look at Kensington’s latest offering that the company unveiled at CES 2021 – the Kensington StudioDock.

Kensington Introduces Its ClickSafe Notebook Lock
If for some reason the average notebook lock is too complicated for you to operate (read: insert key and twist), perhaps the Kensington ClickSafe might be able to simplify matters a little more for you. The ClickSafe system fastens a small locking nub into a notebook’s lock slot and once that is fastened in place, you just need to push the locking cable into that, and your notebook is secured. […]

Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard Case For iPad
The omission of a physical keyboard on the iPad has encouraged many accessory manufacturers to come up with Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, and Kensington has come up with such an accessory for the iPad. The Kensington iPad Bluetooth keyboard will set you back $99 when it begins to ship in October and does a pretty good job of turning your iPad into a netbook (of sorts). The keyboard also […]

Kensington Announces Laptop Locking Station
The folks over at Kensington have come up with a rather interesting solution to help you prevent your laptop from being stolen. Instead of having to use the security lock slot on your laptop, users just have to place the laptop in front of the Laptop Locking Station and squeeze the lock’s arm shut, which will keep your laptop firmly locked in place. To release, users just have to unlock […]


Kensington Wall/Air Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter
Traveling with a power adapter can get pretty tiring, especially with all the additional checkpoints set up now by the TSA around the US to prevent any other unwanted terrorist attack. Well, if you happen to lug around a notebook, good luck with carrying the power adapter! The Kensington Wall/Air Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter was developed specifically for frequent travel since it comes in an extremely travel-friendly form factor, […]

Kensington Video Chat Light
Many netbooks do come with a webcam these days, but then again those webcams aren’t exactly the best in the business where image quality is concerned. Just in case you need to make plenty of video calls under low light conditions, the Kensington Video Chat Light might just do the trick, requiring a single USB port to power it alongside a flexible gooseneck which is sturdy yet pliable at the […]

Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand and TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve
Kensington has rolled out a couple of new products – the TwoFold Notebook Stand and TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve. Both of them have been specially designed to elevate the viewing screen on one’s notebook to make for a more comfortable working experience, be it sitting, lying down or sitting at a desk. These stands will handle notebooks ranging from 14.1″ to 15.4″ in size, thereby not giving much room […]