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Lexar Launches The World’s First 1TB SD Memory Card
When you’re out and about shooting street photography, there are a few concerns when it comes to hardware, one of which is how long until your battery runs out, and how many photos can you take before your memory card is full? The latter will depend on the size and quality you choose, such as RAW photos which take up a lot more space.

Lexar Launches New JumpDrive Fingerprint USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Flash drives are useful little gadgets because they’re small which means that taking it with you on the go is easy. Some are small enough to fit into pockets and on keychains, but the problem with being so small is that they can be easily stolen, lost, or misplaced. This can be disastrous if you have sensitive information on it.

Lexar Memory Cards Have Been Discontinued
If you’re a photographer that owns quite a few memory cards, there’s a good chance that maybe one of them could be a Lexar. Lexar is one of the more well-known memory card brands out there today, but unfortunately it seems that Lexar’s parent company, Micron, has announced that they will be discontinuing the products.

Lexar 256GB UHS-11 (U3) MicroSD Card Launched
SanDisk recently announced the launch of its 256GB Extreme microSD UHS-I card and now Lexar is out with a similar announcement. The company has launched its 256GB Professional 1000x microSD UHS-II (U3) memory card. This high-capacity memory card is described to be the perfect fit for users who intend to capture a lot of high-quality video and photo. It’s targeted at customers with smartphones, tablets, and high-end action cameras as […]


Lexar Weighs In With Slew Of USB 3.0 Drives
[CES 2015] Lexar is a trusted name when it comes to flash memory products, and we have seen them reveal a bunch of new USB 3.0 drives over at CES that will expand their JumpDrive family even more. The performance enhanced JumpDrive USB 3.0 flash drives would include the likes of the Lexar JumpDrive P20, JumpDrive S75, JumpDrive S55, JumpDrive S35, and JumpDrive S25 flash drives. Just what kind of […]

Lexar Has New JumpDrive Products In The Pipeline
[CES 2014] The folks over at Lexar have decided to deliver something interesting to the masses with a bunch of new JumpDrive products, where these will be USB 3.0 flash drives to make sure that it keeps up with the pace of technology in your notebook and desktop computers. Just what kind of surprises are we looking at from Lexar? For starters, there is a new 128GB option to the […]

Lexar JumpDrive S50 USB flash drive comes with antimicrobial protection
The fact that our thumb drives are meant to be portable means that we usually take them wherever we go. This could be a trip to a friend’s house, classes at university, passing it around at work, etc. Well with all the exchanging of hands and different environments, there’s no doubt that your thumb drive will pick up a ton of bacteria, so much so that Lexar has deemed it […]

Lexar Echo ZX hands-on
You know what they say about making backups of your data – it might seem like a chore or even burdensome for most of us, but it is an essential part of your tech lifestyle. After all, digital files are nothing like hardcopies of your bank statements – once they’re gone (the original and only copy), then that’s that. There’s no way of retrieving it for the average user, unlike […]

Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader
Lexar has released its latest USB peripheral, the Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader, where this high-performance card reader will pave the way for professional and advanced amateur photographers and videographers to maximize their workflow – and it might be an uninterrupted process with the latest USB standard’s blazing-fast transfer speeds. The reader will of course, take advantage of SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) technology in order to deliver high-speed performance […]

Lexar introduces its 32GB Class 10 high-speed microSDHC card
[CES 2011] Digital cameras out there are pretty useless unless you have a memory card to store the pictures in. Now Lexar has introduced its 32GB Class 10 microSDHC card that is designed for mobile devices, a card that is capable of reading data at 20MB/s and writing data at 10MB/s, more or less double the write speed of the current batch of Class 4 cards that operate at 4MB/s. […]

Lexar’s SDXC memory card can store 128GB of data
[CES 2011] Lexar will be unveiling their upcoming SDXC card at CES 2011 this week, and will be putting them on sale later this quarter. Targeted at professionals, Lexar’s SDXC memory cards will have capacities of 64GB and 128GB. With most consumer devices now only supporting up to 32GB SD cards, it’s probably going to be awhile before these cards become standard, but for now they will remain as products […]

Lexar Echo SE and ZE USB flash drive
[CES 2010] Lexar’s Echo SE USB flash drives help preserve data within your machine, where it is capable of performing automatic backup and transfer of all your work files. It can hit read speeds of up to 28MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB/s. Specifically targeting netbook and notebook users, all your stored data can also be encrypted for enhanced security with a maximum storage space of 64GB. Apart from […]

Lexar JumpDrive SAFE S3000 FIPS Review
 There are USB flash drives, and then there are USB flash drives. We recently got our hands on the Lexar JumpDrive SAFE FIPS certified USB flash drive and have taken it out for a spin. Don’t think that all USB flash drives are alike – some of them do come with added security features while others are tough nuts to crack – I’m pleased to report that the Lexar JumpDrive […]