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LG G3 Stylus Debuts
It looks like the LG G3 Stylus will finally enjoy a global debut, starting with Brazil first before it is introduced throughout Latin America, Central Asia, as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The LG G3 Stylus made its debut officially at the end of last month, where this pen-enabled smartphone would have retained much of what made the LG G3 such a stunning flagship device, and yet […]

LG G3 Stylus Makes Its Official Debut
According to an earlier report, it seemed that many had initially expected the LG G3 Stylus to be a high-end flagship smartphone. However more recent reports have painted the handset in a low-mid range light and sure enough that’s what the handset is. LG has officially announced the LG G3 Stylus which basically borrows some of the LG G3’s features but is offered at a more affordable price instead.The handset […]

LG G3 Stylus Drops Out Of Flagship Smartphone Race
While it has been more or less confirmed that the LG G3 Stylus will be introduced to the masses pretty soon, this does not make it some sort of high end smartphone, quite unlike the LG G3 from the South Korean company. The LG G3 Stylus does come with a stylus pen, and hence its name for the device. The Korea Times figured out that the LG G3 Stylus will […]