Nokia Lumia 510 Gets Second Windows Phone 7.8 ROM Update

Do you feel or think that Windows Phone 7.8 is the final and polished product? Well, all I can say is, if you think so, good for you, and let us leave it at that. Microsoft on the other hand, thinks otherwise, and that Windows Phone 7.8 is clearly a work in progress as Nokia has just pushed out a second ROM update for the Nokia Lumia 510, which should […]

Windows Phone 7.8 Leaks For Lumia 800 And Lumia 510

Hmmm, we all know that Windows Phone 7.8 is well on its way, and sometimes, in the zeal of things, security measures surrounding an impending operating system update is not at its best – which could explain how Navifirm managed to get hold of a leaked copy of Windows Phone 7.8 (, where it is being made available to owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) and the Nokia Lumia […]

Windows Phone 7.8 On Nokia Lumia 510?

The Nokia Lumia 510 is the first of Windows Phone-powered smartphones from Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia, and it has come some way, only to be superseded by the chart topping Nokia Lumia 920 – the new flagship for the label. Well, it seems that owners who are still rocking out to their Nokia Lumia 510 will be pleased to hear that there might just be an operating system update rolling […]

Nokia Lumia 510 launched

Nokia knows that not everyone is able to afford a high end smartphone, which is why when they walked with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, there is a market segment that is crying out for an affordable model. I guess that clarion call has been met with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 510, an entry-level smartphone which does not burn a hole in your pocket, and yet looking stylish like […]


Nokia Lumia 510 video spotted

Earlier in the day, we talked about how an unannounced smartphone from Nokia, the Lumia 510, was spotted in the wild, and here we are with word that there is a video of it available online. Unfortunately, by the time we wanted to view the video, we were faced with a message in YouTube that this video is meant for private viewing only. I guess all of these unofficial “confirmations” […]

Nokia Lumia 510 spotted in the wild, expected to be priced at $150

Towards the end of September, Nokia Europe announced the availability and pricing of the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 for certain countries in Europe. Given that the Nokia Lumia 920 is the Finnish company’s flagship phone, its price was somewhat expected, although personally it was higher than I expected. Either way if those prices put the Lumia 920 way out of your price range, then perhaps Nokia’s low-end Lumia […]